BEST Gym on Staten Island. The trainers definitely know what they’re talking about and care about each member.
— Sarah B.
Awesome place...great environment no judging... coaches help you work out to your capability....great group of coaches. Happy I joined....
— Jonathan P.
Dope environment, motivational coaches and the music is on point
— Lorenzo M.
Great class!!!! I love learning the correct form and terminology for the workouts. Very hands on and informative. The small classes give everyone a one on one feel.
— Sarina S.
Island Total Fitness has been one of the best workout experiences thus far. The coaches have helped me reach a new level in such a short period of time. The environment is safe, welcoming and fun. My fellow members have been pushing me to challenge myself and are extremely supportive. I recommend this facility to anyone who is interested in learning CrossFit the right way, and anyone looking to make a change in their life. These coaches will change your life, mentally and physically!
— Brianna R.
I love this spot! Not only are the trainers professional, they are very engaging and pay special attention to each client. They demonstrate each exercise, walk around and encourage us and ensure that we are performing the exercises properly and safely. And if that’s not enough, they provide nutritional and fitness information, and seem to always be available...thank goodness because I’m a handful. 😏 Thank you team Island Total Fitness! I look forward to a future of fitness with you!
— Candice C.
Island Total Fitness has given me the best fitness experience! It is the first time in my life that I look forward to working out and can’t wait to get there. The coaches have patience and take the time out to work with everyone individually in the class. Fun and clean environment as well! Highly recommended!”
— Toni Anne M.
Best fitness experience I’ve ever had. Trainers are truly committed to helping you on an individual basis. They take the time to make sure you’re executing movements properly and the nutrition seminar was absolutely awesome. So much different than other facilities.
— Brian Y.
Bye bye boring gyms. Use to be a CrossFit skeptic, now I’m addicted! The coaches at Island Total Fitness are amazing, it is better than having a personal trainer. They help you every inch of the way to ensure proper technique and form, as well as, encouraging you and cheering you on as you grow. Love my Island Total Fitness Fam
— Teresa D.
I can not say enough about this gym! I have never experienced anything like it. The staff members are hands on, they actually CARE about you and the progress you make. I could never go back to a regular gym where the workouts are the same and boring. This gym is challenging, fun, and just AWESOME!
— Dina C.
Trainers are the only reason I joined. Gil is amazing. Matt is ridiculously awesome, as well as Cid, Chris, Cristina and Sal too!!!! I have a feeling I’m going to become a ninja, or at the least in better shape where if I was hanging from a bridge, I’d be able to pull myself up! Workouts are tough so be prepared to be challenged, but it’s all scalable to your ability and before you know it - poof ninja! Do it”
— Floriana R.