CrossFit 103 June Newsletter



We are all excited that summer is almost here. Let’s all be careful, though. Summer is the easiest time to fall off our fitness routine. We’ve seen it happen so many times. Don’t let it happen to you! Make it a priority to get in the gym as often as possible, especially during the summer months when barbecues and vacations occupy so much of our time.  


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May was a memorable month for our community, which continues to grow. Let’s all make it our mission to introduce ourselves to one person we don’t already know each time we are in the gym. 


May Recap


Here are some of the things you may have been a part of, or missed, over the past 31 days:

→ Coach Gil’s hard work paid off when he crushed it at his first bodybuilding competition, taking home the following honors:

o   Men’s Physique Open 5th Overall

o   True Novice 2nd overall

o   Novice 1st in Class

o   Masters 35+ 1st

o   Masters 40+ 1st


This includes two National Qualifications for two chances to compete for an IFBB Pro Card in June!


→ Coach Matt was once again a judge at the East Regional in Albany the weekend of May 18-20. Matt made headlines with a famous “no-rep” of Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault at the end of Event 3, thereby making enemies with millions of Canadians. 



→ Gary and Brianne participated in their first CrossFit competition, Barbells and Beers, at CrossFit 908. Great job! We are proud of you for going from challengers to competitors.




→ Congrats to Cesare L. who ran the Brooklyn Half in the pouring rain and improved his time by 22 MINUTES!!!




→ We had an amazing day at our Murph Barbecue and workout! Thank you to the 200+ members and family who came out. Congratulations to all who worked their butts off on one of the hardest workouts of the year.  The workout is definitely hard, but nowhere near as hard as what our fallen soldiers experienced. Thank you to Marisa for taking the wonderful pictures from the day! We look forward to making this bigger and better every year. If you did not come this year, don't plan anything for the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend next year! Save the Date!



→ We formed a partnership with Condition One to stock their delicious and nutritious Meal Replacement Bars. They are so popular that the first batch sold out within days. We are eagerly awaiting our next delivery.  


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→ We formed a new partnership with the meal prep company Eat Clean Bro. Get healthy macro friendly meals delivered straight to your house and 10% off using the link:

→ Congrats to Coach Cristina and to Allie on their College graduations


→  We said farewell to Coach Sam, who moved out of state to pursue exciting new opportunities. We are very sad to sad to see Sam leave but happy for her. She will be missed. She was a big part of our community.


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A Look Ahead To June


→ Many members are running in the Bonefrog Challenge on June 16. There is still time to register and get in on the fun!  Register here:     Use Code NEWJERSEY25 for 25% off. Last year we had over 30 members participate and over a 90% survival rate. =)



→ The Granite Games begins the Week of June 13. Think of it like the CrossFit Open. Workouts will be released, and we will have to do them during any Open Gym time and submit our scores. There will be RX and scaled versions. It’s $25 register. You can register here: Fun times will be had by all.

→ Joe P. is hosting a pool party for our community in his backyard on Saturday, June 23. Joe promises a day of fun in his backyard.


May’s PR’s & FIRSTS

Gary G: 235# Front Squat; 135# hang snatch

Ken S: 185# Front Squat

Kellie Ann G: 105# Front Squat; 26 second improvement on mile run

Lauren R: 125# Front Squat; 145# Back Squat

Greg G: Double under

Gaetano D: 215# Front Squat

Matt R: 210# Front Squat

Peter O: 255# Front Squat; 280# Back Squat

Tracy M: 150# Front Squat

Alexis M: 105# Front Squat

Mike A: 240# Front Squat

Jess M: 165# Front Squat; 85# hang snatch

Brianne B: 170# Back Squat; double unders; 90# hang snatch

Erin L: 130# Back Squat; 75# hang snatch

Allie C: 145# Front Squats; kipping pullups

Devan L: 200# Back Squat; 80# hang snatch

Melissa M: 130# Front Squat; 60# hang snatch

Dina C: 115# Front Squat

Raj G: 160# Front Squat

Eric H: 155# Front Squat; 185# Deadlift

Chris G: 385# Deadlift; 245# Front Squat; 135# Overhead Squat

Gerri: 105# Front Squat

Barbie F: 170# Front Squat; 80# hang snatch

Melissa S: 135# Front Squat

Alyssa: 145# Front Squat; 105# hang snatch

Estefania: 145# Back Squat; 140# Front Squat; double unders

Chris R: CrossFit 103 Baseline workout 5 rounds 10 reps to 8 rounds 25 reps in only 4 weeks!

Irene: 125# Front Squat

Beti: 120# Front Squats

Chris C: Strict pullups and kipping HSPU; 100# hang snatch

Bailey: 210# Front Squat; 165# Power Clean

Ralph G: 210# Front Squat

Maria: 170# Front Squat

Thomas B: 235# Front Squat; 190 Power Clean double

Mike A: First Rx workout

Linda: 175# Front Squat

Coach Sal: 24 unbroken chest to bar pullups

Joe Portobello: 275# Front Squat; 145# hang snatch

Jo D: 110# Front Squat

Joe Piesco: 285# Back Squat; 150# hang snatch

Andrew G: 205# Front Squat  

Kevin S: 27 unbroken double unders; 205# Front Squat; Butterfly Pullup

Andrea: 10 touch and go power cleans at 70#; 5 unbroken kipping pullups; 80# hang snatch

Jess: Double unders in a wod

Rosemarie: First 50 box jumps

Erin: 100# Power Clean

Marchelo: First bar muscle up

Coach Chris: 200# hang snatch

Coach Matt: 200# hang snatch

Matt B: 200# hang snatch

Teresa: 60# hang snatch

Tony M: 125# hang snatch

Eric H: 90# hang snatch

Victoria M: 120# hang snatch

Ehsan: 95# hang snatch

Melissa: 60# hang snatch

Jon D: 145# hang snatch

Gaetano: 95# hang snatch

Mark A: 95# hang snatch

Linda K: 70# hang snatch

Gratuitous Dmitry Klokov image

Gratuitous Dmitry Klokov image


All this happened in just one month! Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for being part of our community!

~ The Elite Functional Fitness Fam