My CrossFit Gymnastics Experience...

By: Coach Chris

Last weekend I had the fortune of spending the weekend in the CrossFit Gymnastics seminar, which our gym hosted. 


I’ll admit that I was actually dreading the weekend, simply because I know how long and exhausting these two-day seminars are. Those 9-5 long days of learning new information and applying it are tiring, both mentally and physically. 


Now that the seminar is over, I am happy I had this opportunity. Here are the top three things the seminar reminded me about.

First, It reminded me of how big the CrossFit community actually is.  As a CrossFit coach and owner it is easy to get myopic and only notice what is going on in your home gym. After all, that is rightfully my primary focus and where I spend most of my time. At seminars you have the opportunity to meet, work with, and speak with owners and coaches from affiliates in other areas. Of course, you end up talking shop with them and learning from them. It is a good reminder that CrossFit is a worldwide phenomenon made up of a diverse group of affiliates, all changing peoples’ lives. 


Second, It reminded me of the value CrossFit places on proper movement and mechanics. Those whose only exposure to CrossFit are the ubiquitous “CrossFit Fail” videos on social media have no idea of the thought that goes into teaching, demonstrating, and coaching proper movement. Anyone who has experienced a CrossFit Level 1 seminar or any specialty seminar knows this well (I almost choked myself unconscious with a PVC pipe at my Level 1 while learning proper front squat mechanics!). CrossFit as a methodology is obsessed with proper movement, and how to best teach and communicate it to all those who train in its affiliates.


Third, Continuing education is so important for any CrossFit coach. Much like a lawyer has to attend Continuing Legal Education courses to stay current on the latest legal issues, good CrossFit coaches must spend their time constantly learning and honing their craft. I spent the weekend learning how to move better, but more importantly how to teach those I coach to move better. Those who think they know it all and refuse to open their minds to new ways of looking at things are simply refusing to grow as a coach.

Last weekend was a resounding success. I got to speak with and learn from other affiliate owners from various states. I had the chance to learn better gymnastic movement, and more importantly how to teach it. I also advanced my education, which will help the CrossFit 103 members I am fortunate to coach. In addition, while my hands are sore from all the practice we did hanging from bars and hanging from rings during the weekend, they somehow did not rip! That is a definite win.

As a gym, we believe our coaches must constantly continue learning so they become better teachers, and striving every day to improve their ability to help our members move better and become fitter and healthier.