The Open is Over... Now What?

By Coach Chris


The Buddhist spiritual teacher Jack Kornfield wrote a book called: “After the Ecstasy; the Laundry.”

I’ve always meant to read it, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. 

He uses the term “ecstasy” in the title, but it may as well have been “enlightenment,” which is a goal of Buddhism.

What does Buddhism have to do with CrossFit?  While I believe a lot, I’m not writing about Buddhism, but simply using the title of this book to illustrate a point that I believe is important.

Buddhists might view enlightenment as the goal of their practice, but what happens when they achieve it? They still have to experience daily life and do the proverbial (and literal) laundry, day in and day out. 

dirty laundry.jpg

The CrossFit Open can be viewed as the high point of the CrossFit year. The whole gym is engaged and fired up.  We cheer each other on. We meet each other at the gym during all hours to workout together and judge each other.  We work on new skills.  This is the "ecstasy."



But, what happens next? We must still do the laundry, which is another way of saying we must keep putting in the hard, often tedious work in the gym every day.  The Open is 5 weeks long, but we must still do the laundry the remaining 47 weeks of the year. 

So, now what? Here are a few suggestions: 

1.     Continue working hard. Commit to coming to the gym at least 4 times a week. Put in the work. It may not be as much fun as entering your score in a worldwide leaderboard, but the day in and day out work is what truly makes us better and fitter.


2.     If you found new workout partners during the Open, continue working out together. Many of us enjoy CrossFit because we enjoy the camaraderie we experience when we work together.


3.     Work on your weaknesses. ALL of us had weaknesses exposed these past five weeks. Turn those weaknesses intro strengths during the 2019 Open. 


More than one hundred CrossFit 103 members participated in the Open. I hope you all had fun and stepped out of your comfort zones. I know I did.   

clean laundry.jpg

But, the Open is over now. None of us are going to Regionals.  Now, it’s time to do the proverbial laundry. Let’s stay motivated and get back to work and continue making improvements. 


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