Big Announcement

✳️🚨Major Announcement🚨✳️🚨Please Read🚨✳️

From time to time businesses re-brand in order to better tell their story of who they are and to better express their values.

We are happy to announce that we are beginning the process of re-branding our gym to “Island Total Fitness.” 💪🏽

✅Why "Island Total Fitness?"

Because that name tells our story best. We strive to be a one-stop shop for all your health, wellness, and fitness needs.

The overwhelming success of our Core Conditioning class demonstrated a long time ago that you want variety.

We are the only gym of our kind in our borough with dedicated Open Gym space, and this has always been very popular.

The gymnastics seminar the other night reinforced that you want variety. We want to give you what you want.

We feel that simply calling ourselves CrossFit 103 doesn’t tell the whole story of what goes on inside our walls.

The fact is we aren’t limited by labels or by conventional wisdom. We will always strive to be innovative and willing to try new things to help YOU achieve your goals. We want our name to reflect this.

One of the definitions of “Total” is “complete, absolute.” That’s what we want to be and believe we can be for your fitness. While this will be an ongoing process, at the end of it we believe you will have a gym where you will be able to get whatever you need in the fitness realm. We refuse to be limited in any way.

✅Are we still a CrossFit affiliate?

An emphatic YES.

CrossFit has always been and will always be our core offering. It's our identity and who we are.

Constantly varied functional movements at high intensity will always be at the center of what we do because it works. It is simple and elegant and effective.

All the programs we build will complement our CrossFit offering and improve your lives in some way.

Want to do the Open? So do we. We will continue to do the Open and celebrate all our accomplishments.

Many of the changes you will not even notice, besides some new branding in the building.

The majority of our class offerings will remain traditional CrossFit classes, and we will remain CrossFit 103 within Island Total Fitness. CrossFit 103 is and will remain our official affiliate name.

✅Will we make changes to the schedule?

Yes, in time, for the better!

Our goal is to listen to your feedback and add programs and classes to the schedule and roll those out in a logical and orderly way.

For example, we think it’s clear that people want dedicated gymnastics instruction and classes. Adding that to our schedule will likely be the first change you will see.

We are only limited by our imagination and what you want!

Your coaches have already been thinking, imagining, and dreaming about what we can bring to you.

This is an exciting time for all of us.

✅What’s Next?

We are working hard behind the scenes to make the changes that have to be made. For now, you won’t notice much besides the addition of seminars or classes. CrossFit classes will stay the same.

We will be introducing a new logo, new website link, changes to the website, as well as changes to our social media accounts to reflect Island Total Fitness.

In fact, just today we started our Benchmark Series on Thursdays to help you track your progress.

We’ve also rolled out our new loyalty rewards program, that we hope everyone participates in.

👀Keep an eye out for additional announcements.

As a staff we are super excited about the future, and thankful to be starting this process. 🙏🏽