Elite Functional Fitness August Newsletter



July Recap


Summer is officially here and it's been an odd one so far. We've experienced some extremely hot days with unbearable humidity, and others have felt like mid October. As expected, attendance took a minor decline due to vacations, beach days and just the fact that it's summer. Overall though, classes have been packed as we all continue to stay fit year round. We expect much of the same for August and then a busy fall.


Thanks to everyone who showed up and/or donated to another great charity event this month. The family and co-workers of NYPD Officer Dalsh Veve are very thankful for what we did to help them get through a very tough time in their lives. We continue to show our local community how much we care and what type of great people belong to our gym.

Members of the NYPD, including a captain at the 67th Precinct, happily accept our check for PO Veve.

Members of the NYPD, including a captain at the 67th Precinct, happily accept our check for PO Veve.



Music artist Fokis returned to the gym for the second time, this time to check out a Sunday Mash (after hearing a lot about it) and to film some video for his documentary and music videos. Our gym is quickly becoming one of his favorites. He will contact us when his documentary is complete. We will try to set up an event with a screening once it is done.

Fokis posing with 103 members after the Sunday Mash.

Fokis posing with 103 members after the Sunday Mash.



A Look Ahead to August


The 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games will take place August 3rd-6th in Madison, Wisconsin. If you have not had a chance to see the games yet, this is something you don't want to miss. It is the best of the best going head to head in an all out competition of fitness. Who do you think will be this years "Fittest Person on Earth"?? We will try to screen the final day live at the gym. For more info on how to watch the games, click here.


Saturday August 5th, come down to Ocean CrossFit in Neptune, NJ to watch 3 teams of CrossFit 103 members compete in a fun & challenging competition. Cheer on the teams of Coach Sal/Coach Chris (Male Rx division), Jessica Mattsson/Natalie Allen (Female Scaled) & Erich Wollner/Chis Didonato (Male Scaled) as they go for the Ocean CrossFit crown. There event consists of 3 grueling partner wods, followed by a 4th wod WHEN they make it to the finals!

Coach Chris turns 40 a week before the Competition. Happy Birthday Chris! Now go out and beat them young'uns!

Coach Chris turns 40 a week before the Competition. Happy Birthday Chris! Now go out and beat them young'uns!


This month's Charity of the Month is Sunrise Day Camp at Mt. Loretto. Sunrise Day Camp is a camp for children with Cancer. CF 103 member works there as an on site medic. We will be posting our GoFundMe pagethis week and will discuss if we are doing an event. You have all been amazing in helping out our local charities. Keep up the GREAT work! 

Donate to this month's charity here - https://www.gofundme.com/crossfit103



We have 2 races and another CrossFit Comp coming up soon:


Flex on the Beach (Competition) consists of teams of 2 male AND 2 female. It's a really fun event in Long Beach, NY on September 16th. Some members have expressed interest. For more info, click here.

The Civilian Military Combine (CMC) is an obstacle race the starts with a WOD. This takes place on the same exact day as Flex on the Beach. Many members have expressed interest in this as well. Members have tried to join but the registration page has been down. We have emailed them several times to see if they are resolving the problem. For more info on this race, click here.

A little further down the road is the Spartan Super at Mountain Creek on November 4th. We will try to put together another large team like we did with the Bone Frog. A sign up list will be posted at the gym. For more info on this race, click here.


July's Big Pr's and Firsts


Andrea G - First Rope Climb, 70lb OHS and a 205lb Deadlift! 

Teresa D - First Double Unders, 55lb OHS, 80lb Bench Press and 190lb DL! 

Coach Gil - 325lb Back Squat, 170lb OHS for 2, 405lb DL for 3!

Jess Matts - 215lb DL, 75lb Squat Snatch, 105lb Clean, 65lb OHS, 105lb Bench Press plus Double Unders! You Go Girl! 

Natalie A - 200lb Back Squat & 100lb OHS!

Victoria M- 225lb Back Squat, 95lb Snatch & 105lb OHS!

Lorie G - 10k row! 

Jackie A. - Toes to Bar! 

Anthony Roman - Ring Dips! 

Coach Chris - 300lb Bench Press

Coach Sal - 2:52 Rx "Diane" (Now he can die in peace) 

Erich W - 245 Front Squat and 145 Snatch! 

Michael Morgante - 105 Power Snatch

Allison C - 155lb DL and a few inches off her waist!

Paul D - 400lb Back Squat and 500lb Deadlift plus 3 PB & J Donuts!!! Damnnnnn...


Welcome Our Newest Members!

Craig Deitchman

Alfonso Perri (returning)

Charlene Noto

Alyssa Blomquist

Harbey Moreira


Special Congrats to member Jonathan D'Ambrosio on his marriage last week and to Frank Pensabene on the birth of his daughter! 


All this happened in just one month! Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for being part of our community! 

~ The Elite Functional Fitness Fam