CrossFit 103 May Newsletter



Before we start the April recap, we would first like to apologize that we have not sent out a newsletter the last few months. We’ve been working so hard to do all we can to improve our gym, and our newsletter production has fallen off.  We won’t let that happen again. Going forward, expect a newsletter each month.


Also, before we talk about April, we want to invite you to our annual “Memorial Day Murph” event at the gym.  This will be held on Saturday, May 26 (the Saturday before Memorial Day) with heats starting at 9am. Those who were there last year, know that this is our biggest party of the year – it includes food, drinks, laughs, high fives, and the workout “Murph” in honor of all our fallen soldiers.


Family and friends are encouraged to attend.  Don’t let the workout scare you. Like everything else, it is fully scaleable. And, if you really don’t want to do the workout, join us anyway and eat and drink and hang out.


To learn more about Lt. Michael Murphy, a Navy Seal, Long Island resident, and posthumous Medal of Honor recipient, read this reflection Coach Chris wrote last year:




Now, to our April recap. During most of the month we impatiently waited for the real start of spring. It seems as if it is finally (!) here. Please get used to the garage doors being up, the fan to run at a higher setting, more shirts coming off during workouts, and good vibes!

spring vibes.jpg




Here are some of the things you may have been a part of, or missed, over the past 30 days:


  • Our Eight Week Nutrition Challenge group has been in full swing. Thirty CF103 members are taking part in this body recomposition challenge that includes Fit3D scans, custom and individualized macros, including adjustments, custom accessory work in the gym, an accountability group, and much more. Participants are seeing some amazing physical transformations, as well as learning new ways to look at food.  Want to participate in the next one? Please see Gil, Sal, or Chris for more details. Don’t miss out!

fitter faster stronger.jpeg


  • We held our annual fundraiser to support the SSG Michael Ollis Freedom Foundation on April 14. Thanks to our amazing members we raised more than $1,600 for the Foundation, which was formed to honor an American and Staten Island hero. On Sunday, June 10th, the Ollis Foundation will be hosting a 5k near New Dorp Lane. Last year we had over 20 members run, some were carrying flags and/or wearing weighted vests. We will post on the Announcement Board.



  • Our gym had the honor of hosting the two-day CrossFit Gymnastics seminar. About 35 coaches, owners, and athletes from various states came to learn more about how to better teach the various gymnastics movements. The following coaches/members from our gym participated: Coach Sal, Coach Chris, Coach Crizzy, Bailey G., Tommy M., and Sam Russo.




  • Shannon, Matt Blomquist, and Tommy M. have begun coaching internships. Our newly instituted internship process is a multi-faceted and multi-month process of evaluating and teaching potential new coaches. If you are interested in learning more about the process, please see Sal, Chris, or Gil.  


  • Another six-week challenge class started this month, and this will be out last six-week challenge in its current form. We are almost at capacity and will pretty much be taking referrals only for a while. Wish these athletes well and encourage them when they join regular classes in a couple of weeks.

no vacancy.jpg


  • We thank everyone for taking the time to fill out our annual member survey. We value your opinions, and are analyzing the responses to determine how we can implement some of the suggestions. Please stay tuned.

survey says.jpg


  • The first suggestion that we implemented while the survey was still being filled out was the addition of a second morning core class on Tuesdays and Fridays. Based on the attendance numbers, it was certainly needed. AM core classes are now at 8:30am and 9:45am.



  • The High Rock Challenge happened on Saturday, April 28. Congrats to the the following CrossFit 103 members who used their fitness and ran in this challenging obstacle race:

Brittany M., Amanda G., Joe P., Mike M., Jess M., Brianne B., Andrea S.



  • Coach Cristina qualified for the weightlifting American Open after a solid performance on Saturday, April 28. The American Open will be held in Pennsylvania in late July.

cristina weightlifting .jpg




As stated above, Memorial Day Murph is Saturday, May 26.  Please join us for the biggest, most fun party of the year.

 Some pics from last years Murph

Some pics from last years Murph


  • Regionals are coming up, and Coach Matt will again be a judge at the East Regionals in Albany the weekend of May 18-20. Watch them live on and I’m sure we will see Matt yelling “no rep” at someone.

matt regionals .jpg




Jon D’Ambrosio: First Ring Muscle Up

Shannon: First Ring Muscle Up, Ring dips, 265# Deadlift, 190# Power Clean, 150# Push Jerk

Allie: First Toe to Bar, 185 pound Deadlift, 100 pound power clean

Peter O: 205# Squat Clean, 335# Deadlift, 250# Back Squat, 195# Power Clean

Mike McGinn: 105# Power Clean

Lauren: 175# Deadlift, 100# Hang Power Clean, 100# Front Squat, 85# Push Jerk

Erin: 210# Deadlift

Mike A: 375# Deadlift

Andrea: 235# DL, 170# back squat, 115# power clean, kipping HSPUs

Tracy: 95# Push Press, 190# DL,120# Front squat, 95# Power clean

Geri: 215# Deadlift

Thomas Brady: 365 Deadlift, Kipping Toes to Bar

Brianne: 225# DL, 165# Back Squat

Gil: 214 in Lynne

Gary: 315# DL, 265# back squat

Paul D.: 2:59 Isabel

Raj: 255# Deadlift

Ken: 315# deadlift 135# power clean

Linda: 245# DL

Teresa: 200# DL

Lior: 205# Deadlift

Barbie: 215# Deadlift, 175# Back Squat

Chris G. 355# Deadlift, Handstand Pushups

Melissa M: 185 # DL 140#  Back Squat, Kipping Toes to Bar

Giuliana: 140# back squat, 185# DL, 100# front squat

Gaetano: 335# Deadlift

Chris D: 525# Deadlift


All this happened in just one month! Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for being part of our community! 

~ The Elite Functional Fitness Fam

My CrossFit Gymnastics Experience...

By: Coach Chris

Last weekend I had the fortune of spending the weekend in the CrossFit Gymnastics seminar, which our gym hosted. 


I’ll admit that I was actually dreading the weekend, simply because I know how long and exhausting these two-day seminars are. Those 9-5 long days of learning new information and applying it are tiring, both mentally and physically. 


Now that the seminar is over, I am happy I had this opportunity. Here are the top three things the seminar reminded me about.

First, It reminded me of how big the CrossFit community actually is.  As a CrossFit coach and owner it is easy to get myopic and only notice what is going on in your home gym. After all, that is rightfully my primary focus and where I spend most of my time. At seminars you have the opportunity to meet, work with, and speak with owners and coaches from affiliates in other areas. Of course, you end up talking shop with them and learning from them. It is a good reminder that CrossFit is a worldwide phenomenon made up of a diverse group of affiliates, all changing peoples’ lives. 


Second, It reminded me of the value CrossFit places on proper movement and mechanics. Those whose only exposure to CrossFit are the ubiquitous “CrossFit Fail” videos on social media have no idea of the thought that goes into teaching, demonstrating, and coaching proper movement. Anyone who has experienced a CrossFit Level 1 seminar or any specialty seminar knows this well (I almost choked myself unconscious with a PVC pipe at my Level 1 while learning proper front squat mechanics!). CrossFit as a methodology is obsessed with proper movement, and how to best teach and communicate it to all those who train in its affiliates.


Third, Continuing education is so important for any CrossFit coach. Much like a lawyer has to attend Continuing Legal Education courses to stay current on the latest legal issues, good CrossFit coaches must spend their time constantly learning and honing their craft. I spent the weekend learning how to move better, but more importantly how to teach those I coach to move better. Those who think they know it all and refuse to open their minds to new ways of looking at things are simply refusing to grow as a coach.

Last weekend was a resounding success. I got to speak with and learn from other affiliate owners from various states. I had the chance to learn better gymnastic movement, and more importantly how to teach it. I also advanced my education, which will help the CrossFit 103 members I am fortunate to coach. In addition, while my hands are sore from all the practice we did hanging from bars and hanging from rings during the weekend, they somehow did not rip! That is a definite win.

As a gym, we believe our coaches must constantly continue learning so they become better teachers, and striving every day to improve their ability to help our members move better and become fitter and healthier.

The Open is Over... Now What?

By Coach Chris


The Buddhist spiritual teacher Jack Kornfield wrote a book called: “After the Ecstasy; the Laundry.”

I’ve always meant to read it, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. 

He uses the term “ecstasy” in the title, but it may as well have been “enlightenment,” which is a goal of Buddhism.

What does Buddhism have to do with CrossFit?  While I believe a lot, I’m not writing about Buddhism, but simply using the title of this book to illustrate a point that I believe is important.

Buddhists might view enlightenment as the goal of their practice, but what happens when they achieve it? They still have to experience daily life and do the proverbial (and literal) laundry, day in and day out. 

dirty laundry.jpg

The CrossFit Open can be viewed as the high point of the CrossFit year. The whole gym is engaged and fired up.  We cheer each other on. We meet each other at the gym during all hours to workout together and judge each other.  We work on new skills.  This is the "ecstasy."



But, what happens next? We must still do the laundry, which is another way of saying we must keep putting in the hard, often tedious work in the gym every day.  The Open is 5 weeks long, but we must still do the laundry the remaining 47 weeks of the year. 

So, now what? Here are a few suggestions: 

1.     Continue working hard. Commit to coming to the gym at least 4 times a week. Put in the work. It may not be as much fun as entering your score in a worldwide leaderboard, but the day in and day out work is what truly makes us better and fitter.


2.     If you found new workout partners during the Open, continue working out together. Many of us enjoy CrossFit because we enjoy the camaraderie we experience when we work together.


3.     Work on your weaknesses. ALL of us had weaknesses exposed these past five weeks. Turn those weaknesses intro strengths during the 2019 Open. 


More than one hundred CrossFit 103 members participated in the Open. I hope you all had fun and stepped out of your comfort zones. I know I did.   

clean laundry.jpg

But, the Open is over now. None of us are going to Regionals.  Now, it’s time to do the proverbial laundry. Let’s stay motivated and get back to work and continue making improvements. 


crossfit quote.jpg

5 Things to Do Between Now and The Start of The Open

(pay particular attention to #2 and #4!)



By Coach Chris


In a little more than a month, Dave Castro will end the suspense, which he will undoubtedly spend weeks ratcheting up, and announce 18.1. This will mark the beginning of the 2018 Open season. We’ve all been waiting for it since the moment the suffering of 17.5 mercifully ended (remember those thrusters and double unders? I certainly do!).



Open season is the highlight of any CrossFit gym’s year -- the camaraderie, the friendly competition, the support shown are all at a fever pitch. If you haven’t experienced it yet, just wait.  


You might think that you aren’t ready.  I’m here to tell you that you are wrong. You are ready, and if you follow my 5 suggestions below you will be even more ready to tackle this challenge.  


1. Be more consistent.

The Open is generally a test of aerobic capacity, so now is the time to be more consistent with your attendance. You still have time to build your engine, but you need to get into the gym to build it. There’s nothing worse than staring at the clock during a WOD unable to breathe, knowing that you could have done more to prepare. I’ve been there too many times to admit.

 Coach Sal wishing he trained a little harder for WOD 2 =P

Coach Sal wishing he trained a little harder for WOD 2 =P


2. Learn a new skill.

This isn’t rocket science. Although Dave Castro likes to throw in new movements (hello dumbbells!) many of the movements we will see in the Open have been seen many times before. Don’t have double unders? Now is a good time to get them. Have a problem with thrusters? Practice them. Every previous Open workout is online. Look them up and notice the patterns of movements and choose a new skill to learn betwee now and February 22. We have plenty of Open Gym opportunities to practice and practice some more. Do it. It will pay dividends.  

 A few of the many things you may, or may not, be doing this year.

A few of the many things you may, or may not, be doing this year.


3. Practice previous Open workouts.

From now until February 22 we will program an Open workout once a week, usually on Sundays. Don’t miss these classes! The best way to become better at something is to practice it.  Get used to the “Open style” workouts by experiencing classes with Open workouts.

 Coach Cristina on her final minute of last years 17.1 workout with everyone in the gym cheering her on.

Coach Cristina on her final minute of last years 17.1 workout with everyone in the gym cheering her on.


4. Find a workout buddy.

Not only can you practice with your workout buddy, but this person can also be a source of inspiration during your Open workouts. Each person registered for the Open is judged during each workout by another member. Your judge is there to count your reps, but also to cheer you on and coach you through it. Find someone you click with, and make a plan to cheer each other on and help each other.  

 No matter how hard they compete against each other, Sal & Chris are each others biggest cheerleaders.

No matter how hard they compete against each other, Sal & Chris are each others biggest cheerleaders.


5. Have fun!

I know every time I step in the gym I have fun. Use the time between now and the Open to be even more thankful that you have your health and that you are able to perform this kind of physical work. Don’t take it too seriously; just come into the gym each day with the plan to enjoy yourself during that hour.  

 The Final Thursday Night Throwdown of last years Open.   

The Final Thursday Night Throwdown of last years Open.



I can’t wait for the 5 weeks of the Open. I’ll admit, I do get stressed during it. I get caught up in “Leaderboarding,” constantly analyzing the gym’s Leaderboard to determine where I stand and how I can beat Coach Matt or Coach Sal. But, it’s a heady thing to think that during the Open I am “competing” against the absolute best in the world at competitive exercising.  Embrace it. Have fun. Come on Thursday nights during the Open to watch the live announcements. Cheer on others. Take the time to help with judging.  Accept the fact that none of us are going to win the CrossFit Games this year, but use the Open to do things you never thought you could.

Sign up here:


Reflections on Year One.....

Reflections on Year One….


By: Coach Chris


This post will be a little different than usual. When I write I usually have a main point or a nugget of wisdom I want to impart, and I edit it many times. This, however, will be different. It will be a stream of consciousness reflection on our one year anniversary with little editing. So, if it lacks coherency I apologize in advance.  




Today is our one year anniversary.  One year of new friendships, life transformations, dramatic weight loss, strength gains, PR’s, and watching many people do things they never thought they could or would do. 


We experienced the Open together, did Memorial Day Murph, attended a crazy Halloween party, and raised a lot of money for some really great causes. Despite those fun events, my favorite part of the last year has been the normal day to day experiences, the drudgery of working out together and improving our lives day in and day out.  




I remember the first day clearly. We programmed Fran. As a worrier by nature, I of course worried whether anyone would come that day and in the future. Some came, but nowhere near the numbers we see today. But I remember walking around the gym early to take it in and envision what the place would look like jam packed. I expected that to take a long time, but it was only a few months later when the truth matched my vision.



There’s been so much positivity around this place, and I look so forward to walking in. The best part for me is whether I am coaching, restocking the fridge, or wiping down the rig it never feels like “work,” instead it feels like my calling. I know the same is true for both Gil and Sal, and for our entire coaching staff. We love what we do, and look forward to working with you every day.


There have been disappointments, for sure. Nothing could have prepared me for the shock of seeing someone make such positive life changes in a short time, only to receive the dreaded “this is my last month” text or email from that same person a short time later. It’s a shock because I know that all that progress might be going to waste. 


But the positives have greatly outweighed the disappointments. I’ll never forget seeing a member in Old Navy last spring who had several pairs of pants in his hands, and excitedly told me that he needed all new clothes because he lost so much weight that none of his old clothes fit him anymore.


I won’t forget the excitement of hearing the details about someone’s first obstacle course race or their first competition experience.





Personally, I’ve grown a lot during the last year. While I still consider myself a CrossFit “athlete;” that is secondary now. I now consider myself a coach first, and an athlete second. I’m happier watching and hearing about your accomplishments than experiencing my own.  With that said, I still intend on winning the Open in a couple of months (that’s for you Matt, Sal, Gil), and will always give it my all and be competitive.




I hope I’ve inspired some of you in a small way. 


Thank you to all our athletes for showing up every day and giving it your all.  Without you, there would be no gym, and I sincerely appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us.


Thank you to all our athletes who spent part of the year with us and left for whatever reason. If you are reading this, you are always welcome back, and we hope to see you again.   


Now, we are on to Year 2, and bigger and better things. The friendships will continue and deepen, the events will get better, and we will welcome many more new people into our midst. Let’s continue to be as welcoming as we have been to those new to our community, and let’s always stay “beginners” at heart, with open minds always learning and improving.


Again, thank you all. I can’t wait to see what the next 365 days bring.  

Elite Functional Fitness December Newsletter





November Recap

November is the time of year when most people start eating more and getting lazy. The good news is it seems we made it through one of the toughest times of year without this happening.  Everyone is looking great and most Turkey Day calories are worked off by now! Now it's time to tough it out one more month and make it to everyone's favorite time of year to get back into the gym - New Year's. By staying on course, you'll be 2 steps ahead of the resolution crowd!  Here are some of the things you may have been a part of, or missed, over the past 30 days.


We held our first annual "Barbells for Boobs" 🎀 on November 11th, helping to raise money for breast cancer awareness. As a gym, we raised close to $3,000 and had an excellent turnout for the workout "Grace." Another amazing job by our members to give back to those in need, particularly Vinny C. who raised almost $1,300! You guys/gals rock!




Congrats to all the members who completed the Spartan Super on November 4th in Mountain Creek, NJ. This definitely wasn't an easy one with all the uphill climbing and downhill running over 8+ miles with 30+ obstacles. This was no easy task and you guys/gals crushed it!




Welcome our newest piece of equipment to the gym - a Peg Board! See a coach for pegs and instruction.

Please note: if you do not have 3 strict pull ups, do not attempt.

Side effects may include but are not limited to:
upset stomach, dry mouth, and drowsiness. A side effect is considered serious if the result is: death; life-threatening; hospitalization; disability or permanent damage; or exposure prior to conception or during pregnancy caused birth defect.




Congrats to member Karla Milazzo on the birth of her baby boy - Mateo Milazzo weighing in at 6lbs 8oz, born on November 15th. We look forward to seeing Karla back at the gym. 

 Baby Mateo

Baby Mateo


A Look Ahead to December

Now comes the time of year to eat (grilled chicken), drink (protein shakes), and be merry (lift all the weights)! The holiday season. Everyone's favorite time of year! We're here to help you make it even better! Here's a look ahead.

On Saturday, December 23rd, we will be hosting our 2nd annual Christmas Pajama Party. Classes will run in heats like normal event days, and we will be performing a workout IN OUR PAJAMAS! After the workout hang out, eat food, and have a few glasses of egg nog. More info will be posted in the member group soon.




We are thrilled to introduce a new addition to the coaching team at CrossFit 103.

Crizzy Romano is a CrossFit level 1 Trainer as well as Power Monkey fitness - gymnastics ,aerobic capacity, Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit judges course certified, she ranked in the top 4% in the open and worldwide in 2017. She has 4 years CrossFit experience, played basketball thought out high school and trained MMA for several years. She is very skilled in gymnastics, calisthenics, and muscle ups and will be a tremendous asset to our team.

Please give her a warm welcome and introduce yourself.




Many have asked about the new Fit3D this week. Here are the new services available upstairs in our office beginning this weekend.

Please see Gil or Sal for more details.

We invite any member interested in learning more for a complimentary scan, by appointment.




We are officially a Toys for Tots drop off location. They will be our charity of the month for December. Please help out those less fortunate than us by bringing in NEW UNWRAPPED toys and dropping them off in the big red box we have at the gym.




We are looking for new sweater / t-shirt designs and need your help! Post your designs on Facebook and they will be voted on by members. Best design goes on our next shirt. Please - no cheesy slogans. =)



Thank you to Jessica Mattsson for coming up with an amazing design for our new heavy pullover hoodie. We are now accepting pre-orders. Please comment on our Facebook post asap with size and quantity. If you are not on Facebook, then please email Hoodies price is $50.




A casting director from American Ninja Warrior contacted us looking for CrossFitters to participate in the upcoming season. Please let a coach know if you are interested. To apply, and for more info, you can go to They are looking for skilled warriors with some kind of story (which should be told in the video you need to create). If they accept your video, you'll compete in a local Ninja Warrior Competition with a chance to go on to the finals and compete for a 1 Million Dollar top prize!




November's Big PRs and Firsts


Another month with too many to post! Damnnnnnnnn EFF Fam. You guys are crushing it!!!




Welcome Our Newest Members!


Winona Scheff

Sebnem Dagli

Erica Skiba

Jacqueline Marks

Frank Longo

John Simonetti

Lana Guney

Tracey Marino


All this happened in just one month! Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for being part of our community! 

~ The Elite Functional Fitness Fam


5 Tips to Avoid Falling into the Holiday Trap



Halloween is over, and we are entering into “The most wonderful time of the year.” 

That’s right; we are rushing headlong into the holiday season.  

It’s filled with turkey, eggnog, family, joy, presents, parties, and busyness.

What often takes a backseat during this busy time of year? That’s right, our fitness.

We get so wrapped up in all the busyness of the season that we let our fitness routine suffer and we see our progress come to a screeching halt – only to begin   the cycle again in January when we make a resolution to get fitter and more dedicated.  

You don’t have to allow this to happen.      

Here are five helpful (I hope!) tips to not fall into the holiday trap this year:


Remember your “why”.

Whether it is to lose weight, gain strength, or just have more energy to play with the kids, we all have a reason why we spend so much time in the gym. Remind yourself each day why you choose to do this.  Let’s admit, it isn’t easy, and it is often much simpler to sit on the couch after work drinking wine and relaxing or sleeping late, than it is to push yourself to the limit in the gym. But, we all have a why, which is the motivation that keeps us coming back. Keep your “why” front and center at all times.  



Keep each other accountable. 

One of the many ways that CrossFit has revolutionized fitness is the social aspect. When we work out in a group and suffer through the same experience we form a bond, a camaraderie that is difficult to explain. We’ve all experienced it, which comes from shared experiences. That is why those in the military form such a close bond with each other. We all end up with training partners, those who come to class at the same time as we do. I know I don’t like letting my training partners down by missing class. Commit to your training partners that you won’t let them down and you will continue coming to class during the holiday season. 



Don’t be too hard on yourself. 

Does anyone think you can get into perfect shape by working out one time? No, of course not. It takes hours and hours of dedicated effort over a long period of time. So, why do we think if we slip up on our diets at a party that this will destroy all our gains? It won’t. We are allowed to enjoy our lives, and if this means eating poorly and having a few drinks at a party that’s ok. Problems start when we make that a habit AND stop training in the gym. So, during this holiday season you will likely overeat or go off your diet at some point. That’s ok. Don’t see that as a failure that will ruin the gains you’ve made. A slip up here and there just means that you are human. The day after feasting on two pies of pizza, don’t give up and say “screw it.” Instead, recognize it for what it was, a symptom of being human – and start again the next day. Just like one day in the gym will not make you Rich Froning, one day of feasting on pizza will not destroy your progress.  

yeah-im-into-fitness-fitness-whole-pizza-in-my-mouth-18325440 (1).png


Make a plan and stick to it. 

Isn’t it true that when you plan to do something you are more likely to do it? It takes the decision-making out of the equation, which is important since we know that when we have to make a decision we often choose the one that brings us the most comfort, instead of what is best for us. At the beginning of each week decide which classes you want to attend and reserve your spot in those classes. Just like any other responsibility you have, see your hour in the gym as non-negotiable unless an emergency situation takes place. 



Look at the big picture.

You have made so much progress. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Think of how difficult it would be to come back to the gym after taking almost two months off spent eating and gaining weight. Think of how hard it would be to get back into your fitness routine. Walking in the door is often the hardest part. It becomes harder and harder the more time you spend away.  



We want to see you succeed, and we know this is the time of year when many people start to fall off, simply because of their busyness and the temptations all around you. The coaches at CrossFit 103 commit to you that we will be here for your every step of the way in your ongoing fitness journey. Make the commitment to yourself that you will continue staying consistent. Let’s make this holiday season a “Fit” holiday season.  



Elite Functional Fitness November Newsletter




October Recap


October has always been a fun month - costumes, decorations, parties, pumpkins, apple cider donuts, apple picking, and lots of lifting. It's always sad to say goodbye to October, but at least we have some great memories as we prepare for Thanksgiving and the winter season. Here are some of the things you may have been a part of, or missed, over the past 31 days.



Our 1st annual Halloween Party was a huge hit! Over 60 members showed up in some amazing and creative costumes. We ate good food, drank (A LOT), danced, played flip cup, beer pong, some weird balloon popping game, and much more that we can't talk about here 😏. The 3 top costumes went to Lenny D. (The Hulk), Vicky and Pete (Happy Gilmore and the Alligator), and Erich & Michele (Flo from Progressive & Jake from State Farm). If you missed this party, don't worry, we'll have one again next year!


 The crew at the Ragnar Trail Series at Wawayanda Lake

The crew at the Ragnar Trail Series at Wawayanda Lake

We had a bunch of members competing this month in races and competitions. Erich, Matt, Jess, Mike, Natalie, Valerie & Corinne competed in the Ragnar Trail Series (above), an 8 person relay race that covered close to 130 miles (split about 16 miles each) and took a total of over 25 hours to complete! Awesome job. We also had a bunch of members compete in the "Rookie Rumble" CrossFit Competition in NJ. Congrats to Erich, Natalie, Pete, Allie and Victoria for crushing it and setting some Oly Pr's! Let's keep it up!



Every Halloween our little friend comes out to play. For some reason, she is fascinated with coach Cristina. Don't worry; she doesn't bite. least not that we are aware of. We're  actually surprised Gil didn't toss her because of her terrible spelling. Good thing she didn't write "Your."



Another Challenge class started, and this was a memorable one with many great new members. By the time you read this they will all be in classes. Introduce yourself and say hi! We were all "new" once too.



Leah just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Alessandra Michele, weighing in at 5lbs, 9ozs and 18 1/2 inches long! Congrats Leah!!! Best of luck, and we can't wait to have you back in the gym in a few weeks!



A Look Ahead To November


Our next big event is Barbells for Boobs on Saturday, November 11th starting at 9am. We will be performing the WOD "Grace" (30 Clean & Jerks - scaled versions for non CrossFit) for breast cancer awareness. More details will be posted this week. Please join us to help raise money and awareness. If you have not yet joined our Barbells for Boobs team, please do so by clicking this link  Barbells for Boobs Team Page.


After many successful challenges, we are starting a new 6 Week Challenge on November 14th. Many of you have had amazing results with our 6 Week Challenges, and have continued with us to see even more amazing results. Now is your chance to help a friend! If you know anyone that needs this, please let us know and have them reach out to us!



Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This is the season where many people fall off and start gaining back weight. Don't let that happen to you! Get in the gym! Take a few cheat days, not months! Enjoy the turkey and pies - AFTER YOU LIFT!!! 💪🏽🍗


October's Big PRs and Firsts


Yea......So many pr's this month and I got too lazy to type them all. So what?! 😝💪🏽💪🏽

Awesome work Fit Fam!!!!!!

FullSizeRender (3).jpg


Welcome Our Newest Members!


Charles Manz

Charles Stengel

Christina Ortalano

Delailah Candelaria

Eddie Guadalupe

Gina Como

Jackeline Hernandez

James Marino

Jayson Garcia

Jonathan Boehme

Joseph Atalla

Kevin Flanagan

Lauren Rudolph

Matt Meltzer

Melissa Antonelli

Nicole Antonelli

Nicole Laudadio

Rajiv Gupta

Ronald Ferlisi

Ronnia Girgis

Sarah Aly

Suzanne Wright

Victoria Colletti

Winona Scheff

Vinny Bardong


All this happened in just one month! Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for being part of our community! 

~ The Elite Functional Fitness Fam