Are Weight Loss Myths Preventing You From Actually Losing Weight?

Are Weight Loss Myths Preventing You From Actually Losing Weight?

Warning: If you are sensitive then please do not read this article. This article contains harsh truths that you may not be able to handle.

On Scaling and Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

On Scaling and Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse through Proper Scaling

Elite Functional Fitness August Newsletter



July Recap


Summer is officially here and it's been an odd one so far. We've experienced some extremely hot days with unbearable humidity, and others have felt like mid October. As expected, attendance took a minor decline due to vacations, beach days and just the fact that it's summer. Overall though, classes have been packed as we all continue to stay fit year round. We expect much of the same for August and then a busy fall.


Thanks to everyone who showed up and/or donated to another great charity event this month. The family and co-workers of NYPD Officer Dalsh Veve are very thankful for what we did to help them get through a very tough time in their lives. We continue to show our local community how much we care and what type of great people belong to our gym.

Members of the NYPD, including a captain at the 67th Precinct, happily accept our check for PO Veve.

Members of the NYPD, including a captain at the 67th Precinct, happily accept our check for PO Veve.



Music artist Fokis returned to the gym for the second time, this time to check out a Sunday Mash (after hearing a lot about it) and to film some video for his documentary and music videos. Our gym is quickly becoming one of his favorites. He will contact us when his documentary is complete. We will try to set up an event with a screening once it is done.

Fokis posing with 103 members after the Sunday Mash.

Fokis posing with 103 members after the Sunday Mash.



A Look Ahead to August


The 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games will take place August 3rd-6th in Madison, Wisconsin. If you have not had a chance to see the games yet, this is something you don't want to miss. It is the best of the best going head to head in an all out competition of fitness. Who do you think will be this years "Fittest Person on Earth"?? We will try to screen the final day live at the gym. For more info on how to watch the games, click here.


Saturday August 5th, come down to Ocean CrossFit in Neptune, NJ to watch 3 teams of CrossFit 103 members compete in a fun & challenging competition. Cheer on the teams of Coach Sal/Coach Chris (Male Rx division), Jessica Mattsson/Natalie Allen (Female Scaled) & Erich Wollner/Chis Didonato (Male Scaled) as they go for the Ocean CrossFit crown. There event consists of 3 grueling partner wods, followed by a 4th wod WHEN they make it to the finals!

Coach Chris turns 40 a week before the Competition. Happy Birthday Chris! Now go out and beat them young'uns!

Coach Chris turns 40 a week before the Competition. Happy Birthday Chris! Now go out and beat them young'uns!


This month's Charity of the Month is Sunrise Day Camp at Mt. Loretto. Sunrise Day Camp is a camp for children with Cancer. CF 103 member works there as an on site medic. We will be posting our GoFundMe pagethis week and will discuss if we are doing an event. You have all been amazing in helping out our local charities. Keep up the GREAT work! 

Donate to this month's charity here -



We have 2 races and another CrossFit Comp coming up soon:


Flex on the Beach (Competition) consists of teams of 2 male AND 2 female. It's a really fun event in Long Beach, NY on September 16th. Some members have expressed interest. For more info, click here.

The Civilian Military Combine (CMC) is an obstacle race the starts with a WOD. This takes place on the same exact day as Flex on the Beach. Many members have expressed interest in this as well. Members have tried to join but the registration page has been down. We have emailed them several times to see if they are resolving the problem. For more info on this race, click here.

A little further down the road is the Spartan Super at Mountain Creek on November 4th. We will try to put together another large team like we did with the Bone Frog. A sign up list will be posted at the gym. For more info on this race, click here.


July's Big Pr's and Firsts


Andrea G - First Rope Climb, 70lb OHS and a 205lb Deadlift! 

Teresa D - First Double Unders, 55lb OHS, 80lb Bench Press and 190lb DL! 

Coach Gil - 325lb Back Squat, 170lb OHS for 2, 405lb DL for 3!

Jess Matts - 215lb DL, 75lb Squat Snatch, 105lb Clean, 65lb OHS, 105lb Bench Press plus Double Unders! You Go Girl! 

Natalie A - 200lb Back Squat & 100lb OHS!

Victoria M- 225lb Back Squat, 95lb Snatch & 105lb OHS!

Lorie G - 10k row! 

Jackie A. - Toes to Bar! 

Anthony Roman - Ring Dips! 

Coach Chris - 300lb Bench Press

Coach Sal - 2:52 Rx "Diane" (Now he can die in peace) 

Erich W - 245 Front Squat and 145 Snatch! 

Michael Morgante - 105 Power Snatch

Allison C - 155lb DL and a few inches off her waist!

Paul D - 400lb Back Squat and 500lb Deadlift plus 3 PB & J Donuts!!! Damnnnnn...


Welcome Our Newest Members!

Craig Deitchman

Alfonso Perri (returning)

Charlene Noto

Alyssa Blomquist

Harbey Moreira


Special Congrats to member Jonathan D'Ambrosio on his marriage last week and to Frank Pensabene on the birth of his daughter! 


All this happened in just one month! Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for being part of our community! 

~ The Elite Functional Fitness Fam

Elite Functional Fitness July Newsletter



June Recap

June was another active month at 103  & TSA. Here's a list of what went down during the month. 


Thanks to everyone who came out for the Ollis Foundation 5k! We had an awesome turnout for a great cause. Close to 20 members came out to support the fund. Some even ran with either vests, or flags (or both). The Ollis family appreciates our continued support. Let’s make this a 103 tradition.


Great support for the Ollis Foundation! 

Great support for the Ollis Foundation! 


Congrats to all of those who started, and completed, The Bone Frog Challenge in Englishtown, NJ, A grueling 8 mile, 42 obstacle race. Another amazing turnout with close to 30 members participating then having the strength to celebrate Erich’s birthday. We will be planning more events like this in the near future. Our next planned event is the Spartan in November, but we will try to find a shorter race before then to prepare.


What a crew for The Bone Frog! We took over this event. Everywhere you looked you saw a 103 Shirt! =) 

What a crew for The Bone Frog! We took over this event. Everywhere you looked you saw a 103 Shirt! =) 


Welcome our newest torture devices, the Metolius climbing board (to help build grip strength) and our new climbing ropes. We are looking forward to adding more rope climbs in workouts. We also now have Crossover Symmetry, a cool and effective way to help those with tight shoulders. Ask a coach about how to use any of the above.


Gil - Do you have a license for that??? 

Gil - Do you have a license for that??? 


Coach Donald will now be coaching most morning TSA classes and some evening. We look forward to Donald becoming more involved in the gym and you’ll soon find out why!


Donald is one strong dude. He knows a thing or two about fitness as well. 

Donald is one strong dude. He knows a thing or two about fitness as well. 


Sunday Coffee & Mash is a blast. If you haven’t made it to a Sunday Mash yet, what the heck are you waiting for????? Still waiting for someone to bring Bacon btw!


Packed House during the Sunday Mash

Packed House during the Sunday Mash


A New Group of Challenge members have completed their 6 weeks and are ready to participate with us full time! Welcome all those who have joined and are now officially part of our fast growing community!


A Look Ahead to July

July's Charity of the month is for Police Officer Dalsh Veve.

As we all know, Police Officers work tirelessly to protect and serve the citizens of our city each and every day.  They sacrifice holidays, birthdays, family time, and much more for the safety of all residents and visitors.  On occasion, they sacrifice their well being and even their own life.

On Saturday night, June 4th just before midnight, NYPD officer Dalsh Veve, assigned to the 67th Precinct Anti Crime Unit, was conducting a car stop.  While engaging the vehicle, the driver decided to flea, trapping officer Veve on part of the vehicle and dragging him several blocks.  Officer Veve sustained numerous injuries including head and spinal trauma and remains hospitalized in serious condition, now almost a month later.

Officer Veve is a veteran of the department, a husband and a father to a 2 year old girl.  His wife, Esther, a registered nurse, has been by his bedside and out of work since his accident and, aside from losing income, she faces the possibility of losing her job.  With the blessing of the Commanding Officer of the 67th Precinct, Inspector Joseph Gulotta, a Staten Island resident, we have decided to make the charity/cause of the month for July, the Veve family.  Our help and support will go 100% to the family.

Coach Gil’s brother, PO Tal is a co-worker of PO Veve assigned to the 67th Precinct midnight Patrol Sectors and will help in coordinating our efforts.

We will be hosting a BBQ and doing a wod in his honor at the end of the month. Specifics to come soon.



Some of us are competing in a CrossFit Competition on August 5th at Ocean CrossFit in Neptune, NJ. They have Rx and Scaled division. This Competition is a 2 person same gender team competition. ANYONE can enter. Click the link to register - .  We hope to put a few more teams together. Please sign up, or come support our competitors.



  • Weightlifting Class ends in 2 weeks. We will talk about round 2 for anyone else who would like to improve their Oly lifts. 
  • Look for our Coaches Challenge on Open gym days. 



June's Big Pr's and First's


Bailey Goon, Chris DiDonato and Marvin G first ring muscle ups! 

Congrats to Giuliana Guzzo for completing the 8 mile long Bone Frog Challenge without the help of "The Elite's"! We told you that you can do it. "What the mind believes, it can achieve."

Jo D - Ring holds! 

Andrea S, Victoria B. & Mike Leone - First HSPU!

Beau, Jamal, Natalie and Jess M - Double unders!

Anthony Roman - Ring Dip!

Natalie - 7:03 mile!

No resting! 

No resting! 

Back Squat Pr's


Alexandra Elia 150

Anthony Preza 295

Brian Yurkins 180

Catherine Farganis 155

Cindy Johnson 95

Coach Chris 425

Dondy Tal 145

Gerri Nappi 120

Gia Santigate 130

Jess Hirt 135

Jo DeCicco 160

Joe Piesco 245

Marino Lorza 235

Melissa McBratney 140

Mike Morgante 215

Mirelly Gonzalez 135

Nakisha Maisonet 120

Nelson Ortiz 195

Ricky Livan 315

Sandra Hillis 65

Teresa Romolo 125

Victoria Brady 100


Deadlift Pr's


Allison Candelaria 130

Coach Chris 515 (15#)

Denise Talley 165

Elia Tal 170

Gerri Nappi 185 (60#)

Guy Seth 245

Igor Vaysbaum 275

Jeanderson Da Silvia 335

Jessica Hirt 180 (10#)

Jessie Prescott 135

Jo DeCicco 205 (5#)

Liza Latour 110

Michael Leone 265

Mirelly Gonzalez 150 (10#)

Ralph Roiland 435 (20#)


Weightlifting PR's

Clean & Jerk

Kristen Rosenberg- 110

Chris Didonato - 185

Larry Chiarappo - 125

Split Jerk

Coach Matt 260


Congrats to all!!!!!


** Want to make our newsletter??? Add your PR's or "Firsts" to the new "Achievement Board"**


Welcome New Members!



Heather Estebanez

Michael Leone 

Halil Kanacevic 

Linda Katz - Welcome Back! 

Barbie Frias

Vincent Cisternino 

Javier Fernandez

Sam Nichilo 

Jonathan D'Ambrosio 

Sean Bennett

Karen Franzese

Kamil and Mayury Suchcicki

Paul Ciliento

Vanilda Barbosa

Suada Halili

Monika Misiurek

Debra Furnari

Ralph Guzzo

Allison Candelaria 

Gaetano Donatantonio



Noreen Vitolo

Lisa Tuzzalino 

Sally Eskander

Alyssa Riccio

Arlene Riccio - Welcome Back! 

Clare Coscia

Denise Volpe - Welcome Back! 


All this happened in just one month! Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for being part of our community! 

~ The Elite Functional Fitness Fam

Use Your Fitness. Embrace Adversity.

Earlier today I joined about a dozen and a half members of our gym to run the Ollis 5k in New Dorp. It was hot, and I have to admit I didn’t do very well. I started off fine, and then around a mile in I started feeling tightness in my right shin/calf areas. This soon spread to my left leg. I tried to fight through it, but had to stop to stretch because the cramps got really bad. I walked for about a half mile trying to make it go away, andit took every bit of mental fortitude I could muster to not turn off on New Dorp Lane and quit. I was able to finish, and the last three quarters of a mile was my best running of the day. The 20 pound vest I wore definitely contributed to my difficulties, and I didn’t warm up properly. But, no excuses. It wasn’t my day. Some might say it wasn’t my day because there were no barbells involved in the race, but that’s a different discussion.

It got me thinking how great it is to be able to use my fitness, even on a day that for me was objectively not a good one. I didn’t perform close to how I should have. We spend so much time in the gym getting fit, it is important to go out and use it!  This means that if we see a race like today’s we want to run, we can do it without much stress or concern. It means that if our friends ask us to play football or basketball with them we can participate. It means if our kids want us to chase them around that we can and won’t get out of breath. How great is that? Can you remember a time when these things were hard to do?

None of us are elite professional athletes. That’s ok. I’ve come to grips with it. Despite the fact that we aren’t “elite,” believe it or not, all of us are probably fitter than 99% of the general population. Most don’t workout out nearly enough, and many have a gym membership that they hardly ever use besides a few low intensity weekly trips on a treadmill. For those who don’t do what we do in the gym every day, running a 5k can be a daunting prospect. They aren’t used to the activity, and they aren’t used to adversity. I had moments of self-doubt today. As I watched people pass me and I simply couldn’t perform like I knew I could, I felt self-conscious. I was dealing with adversity, and although I was having physical problems I believe it was mostly mental. I didn’t want to start running again because I feared I would start cramping again.

Each time you come to the gym you are getting physically fitter; but more importantly, you are learning how to overcome adversity, both physical and mental, so when difficult situations happen you can fight through and succeed. I consider today a success because I finished despite the difficulty and adversity.

Use this summer to go out and enjoy the fitness you are building. Enjoy your ability to fight through adversity. Do something that challenges you, and even scares you a little.  Embrace the difficulties. Embrace the challenges. Embrace the process. Have fun, and enjoythe options you have because of the fitness lifestyle you have embraced.

Elite Functional Fitness June Newsletter

Welcome to the Elite Functional Fitness (CrossFit 103 & The Squat Academy) Monthly Newsletter. A monthly publication to keep you up to date on news and events in our fitness community. 


May Recap


May was a very active month at CrossFit 103. Here are a list of things that happened, in case you missed:


  • Memorial Day Murph was a huge hit! We had over 60 people perform the wod and ALL finished, and more than 100 members and non members stopped by during the day to wod, eat, drink, and hang out! We are grateful for the support of so many local businesses, who contributed raffle prizes, helping us raise more than $1,100 for our Charity of the Month - The Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Community focused events like this is just one of the factors separating us from all the other gyms on the island. Special thanks to all those that helped set up, clean up, and plan the event, and an extra special thanks to Mike Morgante for Djing and Ryan Miller for manning the grill most of the day. We are all looking forward to next year’s Murph, which we know will be bigger and better!

Murph Pics will be posted soon! 

Finally able to get a good coaches group shot pre "Murph" 

Finally able to get a good coaches group shot pre "Murph" 


  • Coach Sal performed 1,120 burpees (one for every dollar raised) to raise money for April's charity of the month "Carl's House", part of the Bini Foundation. At the conclusion of this effort, the gym presented a check for $1,120 to Bini Foundation President, Massimo Didonna.

Sal and Gil with Massimo from The Bini Foundation 

Sal and Gil with Massimo from The Bini Foundation 


  • Coach Matt judged at the CrossFit East Regionals, getting the chance to judge some of the Fittest People on Earth, including reigning Fittest Man on Earth, Mat Fraser and reigning two-time Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Davidsdottir. Matt was also chosen to lead a Demo Team, demonstrating movements to competitors.  Awesome job Matt!

Coach Matt getting ready to "No Rep" 3 times CrossFit Games athlete Dani Horan 

Coach Matt getting ready to "No Rep" 3 times CrossFit Games athlete Dani Horan 


  • One 6 week challenge class ended and one began. Welcome to all members who participated and are now in our regular classes!


  • We started Sunday “Coffee & Mash,” which is quickly turning into a tradition at CF103. For those who don’t know, Our Sunday Mash, “mashes” three WODs into one workout. Our Sunday classes are now 90 minutes long to accomodate the Mash.  It looks like this is going to be a big hit for the summer. Remember, feel free to bring whatever you'd like for Coffee & Mash, including bagels, creamers, eggs, other breakfast type foods/snacks, and bacon. We’re still waiting for someone to step up and bring Bacon!!! We supply the coffee!


  • We welcomed Coach Donald Girard to the family with the start of his Functional Edge Fitness Class. Donald brings over 30 years of experience to the gym and probably knows just as much about the body as anyone, including well known science nerd, Gil. The combination of the two has NASA keeping close eyes on us.

Donald instructing member Karen DiPalo

Donald instructing member Karen DiPalo


  • We started our first specialized weightlifting class, which is led by Coach Cristina. This is a "sign up only" 8 week program. We will add more like this in the future.




  • Congratulations to all the members that competed in the High Rock Challenge. We had teams at the event and took 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall in the "Gym Team" category (Even though the the event was sponsored by another facility who trained for it specifically for months. =P)!

The High Rock Crew! 

The High Rock Crew! 




A Look Ahead to June


  • The Bone Frog Challenge is June 17th at 9am. We will run together as a team and stay together the entire race. We have over 30 members signed up so far. It's not too late to join. Sign up here We will bring the truck with food and drinks to hang out after the race. Use coupon code “CROSSFIT 103” for 15% off.





  • To raise money for the foundation, Coach Matt will host a Marathon Row event. He will be rowing 26.2 miles (42.2km) and invites teams of up to 6 people to join him. The event will take place on Saturday, June 24th. More information to come!


  • Two new Assault Bikes were recently delivered, and those who came to class on Sunday, May 28 got to experience them in a wod for the first time.

It's an all out Assault! 

It's an all out Assault! 



May's Big PR's and "Firsts"!


  • Tommy M. got his 1st bar and ring muscle up as well as butterfly pull-ups!

  • Lenny D., one of the hardest working members in the gym, got his 1st pull-up and is down 11 inches on his waist since joining in January!

  • Ryan Miller hit a 155 Strict Press!

  • Brian Y. hit a 265 Deadlift!

  • Coach Cristina hit a 75lb snatch and 175 Back Squat!

  • Teresa D. did 5 Deadlifts at 160lbs after a previous DL PR of 140lbs!

  • Cindy J and Lorrie G can now jump on 3 plates after being terrified to jump at all! Boxes up next!

  • Coach Chris did a 3:04 Fran. Nice work Chris! You'll get that sub 3 soon!

  • Maureen T with a 115 Back Squat!

  • Chris D with a 7 rep max on bar muscle ups!

  • Newcomer Kevin M lost 22 lbs and 5 inches on his waist in the last challenge class!!

Congrats to all!!!!!


** Want to make our newsletter??? Add your PR's or "Firsts" to the new "Achievement Board"**


Welcome New Members!!!



Jessica Mattsson

Olivia Iacono

Diana Iacono

Gianna Pepe

Alexandra Holovinsky

Natalie Allen

Ruslan Shamal

Bart Cambria

Nicholas Varacalli

Michael Uckar

Jenny Dillon

Joseph Santigate

Gia Santigate



Samantha Russo

Carli Bruno

Veronica Bruno

Kim Manzo

Shannon Sadler

Welcome New Challenge Members:

Jeanderson Da Silva

Yvette Palomares

Guy Seth

Denise Talley

Paul Ciliento

Vanilda Babosa

Victor Ramos

Karen Franzese

Stephen Matrangolo

Dilshan Weerasinghe

Danielle Demato

Suada Halili

Monika Misiurek

Carlos Zamora

Debra Furnari

Clare Misiurek 

Ralph Guzzo 

Nermeen Basta 

Mayury Suchcicki 

Liza LaTour 

Gaetano Donatantonio 

Kamil Suchcicki 

Marissa Pommerenk 

Irlene Lewery 

Allison Candelaria 



All this happened in just one month! Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for being part of our community! 

~ The Elite Functional Fitness Fam

Tips for CrossFit Open Wod 17.4 (AKA 16.4) by Coach Sal

Get to that wall!    Photo by Frank Pensabene

Get to that wall!    Photo by Frank Pensabene

                                     17.4. AKA 16.4. AKA a fun kind of torture =). I know a few people who were extremely excited at the announcement of this repeat Open WOD.  After it all soaked in, I think I was one of those people as well. I remember doing it twice last year. After moving well and finishing the row in really good time, I died out on the HSPU. I didn't get nearly as many as I had imagined I would - both times. I knew I had better and have been waiting for the opportunity to do this again. Come up with a better game plan. And Thursday night was my chance to put that game plan to work. The results - MUCH better than expected. Thursday night was supposed to be a trial run, since I did 45 Deadlifts at 225 the day before, as well as 45 HSPU. I was SAF (Sore as F*#$). I figured just do a test run to see if I'm comfortable with my plan. Then Coach Chris decided to go head to head with me. It was on like Donkey Kong.

                                    So what was my plan that allowed me to crush last years score(s) while I was sore and tired (9pm is past my bed time)? Before I break down each movement, there is one important tip to help you decide the correct way to break it up. Know Your Body! I've been CrossFitting for a little over 4 years now. I know when I can move fast, and what makes my body scream at me. The most important thing is to know how your body handles each movement, then break up each movement accordingly. This is called "Pacing". To me, pacing is the most important thing in any WOD. Not only knowing how to break it up, but when to rest, and when to push your limit. 

                                    After you figure this out, now comes the fun part. Breaking down each movement.

  1. The Deadlift. 55 of them. At 225. Ouch. That's 10 more than "Diane". Since I love Deadlifts for reps, and can do "Diane" unbroken, I needed to pick a good number that wouldn't destroy my back and burn me out for the rest of the 13 minute WOD. I knew that 10 reps would be a magic number, where I wouldn't get tired, and my back and hamstrings wouldn't burn. But since the rep scheme was 55, I wasn't going to do 10.s with a last set of 5, so I decided to do 5 sets of 11 reps. Like I said, know your body. Figure what works for you. Break it up into 5's if you have to. I coached Gil through that and it worked for him. Just think of a number that works for you and STICK TO IT! Make sure the number you pick allows you to take short rests. Do your reps, drop the bar, count to 5, or 10, then get back to it. Short rests are key in this entire workout. Another big tip - SAVE YOUR BACK! Use your hamstrings! Make sure you do legit deadlifts. Not the low weight, high rep, totally screwed up deadlifts that most people do in WODS. I can't stress this enough. If you don't listen to this tip, you'll see what I'm talking about.

  2. Wallballs! Everyone who knows me, know that I like wallballs like Elf likes maple syrup.  Not sure what all the hate is about. For the wallballs, the key is the same as the deadlifts. Break it up into a manageable number. Don't burn your shoulders for the HSPU's. Again I chose 11 as the magic number. Doing 11 reps allowed me to save my shoulders, and take very short rests. None of my rests were longer than 10 seconds. Pick your number, do tour reps, and rest as little as possible. Drop the ball on the last rep, the take a few deep breathes and get right back to it. I think it's a bad idea to try to open with a big set. You'll save time and energy by breaking this up. You have a lot of rowing ahead of you.

     3. The Calorie Row.  Another one of my faves. For the row, there is no breakdown. The key here is to keep moving an to breathe. Calorie rows differ from meter rows, in that, on a calorie row, you should be pulling as hard as you can and taking a short rest (about one deep breath) at the end. Men should shoot for close to a calorie a pull, women should shoot for a cal every 2 pulls. Men will have a much easier time on the rower. Just try to keep the same exact pace throughout the entire row. Your hammies will probably be on fire at this point. Just work through the pain. When you complete the row, you will not use your legs for the rest of the workout. If you don't know how to calorie row, please ask a coach to teach you before you attempt the WOD.

    4. Hand Stand Push Ups. Oh boy. We worked our butt's off to get to this point. Now What??? The best advice I can give here is as follows. If you don't have handstand pushups, go for it. Try one. With your adrenaline going, you may hit your first one ever! If you are ok at HSPU's, break them up into very small numbers. Even singles. Just do one at a time. Come off the wall, breathe and get back to it. If your HSPU's are good, just like everything else, break it up right away! I did sets of 5's to start because I was feeling good. I originally thought sets of 3' (which coach Chris did and stuck to the whole way) but I was feeling good so I listened to my body. I got all the way up to 30 before I started to tire then dropped to sets of 3's from there, and eventually to singles. I think for these, you need to listen to your body on the first set. Don't come out with too big of a set, or you will burn your shoulders out quick. See how you feel and adjust accordingly. That's the best advise I can give. Side note - If you make it to the wall with little time to spare, just go! All out! Whatever you have.

                           If you are skilled enough, or lucky, to make it back to the Deadlifts, a game plan would be based on how much time you have to spare. If little, then go all out, if over a minute, then break it up into smaller numbers. I'm hoping to get to this point on Sunday so I'll have better advice for you on this part. =)

                          As far as the warm-up, we will have a good one written on the board. The key is to get your heart rate gong, stretch those Hammies, and open the shoulders and wrists.

                          Whatever you do, and wherever you make it to, just remember to breathe and have fun!!!

Three Reasons Why You Should Participate in the CrossFit Open

Those new to CrossFit may not be aware of it, but we are only weeks away from the most fun time of year in any CrossFit gym.  I am talking about the CrossFit Open.  The Open, as it is called, is a five-week test of fitness. During those five weeks, every Thursday night CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro will announce a workout. Then athletes will have until Monday evening to complete that workout in the presence of someone judging them, and then enter their scores online. They then get to compare themselves to others around the world on that workout. The Open is designed to be accessible to all athletes, and for the past two years has included an option for scaling workouts.

The Open is unique in sports because it means CrossFit is the only sport where non-professionals will do the exact same work as the professionals. This means for those five weeks you will be doing the exact same workouts as 2016 CrossFit Games champions Mat Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir. The exact same workouts! This is truly unique. You may be a great softball player, and hit .450 in your local softball league, but you can’t compare yourself to Major Leaguers based on the performance since the quality of the pitching differs. In the Open, Mat Fraser will be doing the workouts in a CrossFit affiliate, just like you will, in the presence of a judge… just like you!

So, here are the top three reasons you should participate in the Open:

1.     You will regret if you don’t. I have to admit; I did not participate in the Open my first year of CrossFit. I had begun CrossFit about a month and a half before the Open and I didn’t think I was ready. It was before there were scaling options and I couldn’t do a Muscle Up or a Double Under. So, I didn’t think should do it.  I regret it. Once the Open started I was doing the same workouts as the other people in the gym, but their intensity level was higher than mine because they were registered.


2.     It’s fun! There is nothing quite like the energy in the gym during Open workouts. Everyone steps up it up. Everyone cheers each other on. There is always talk of strategies for tackling a workout. Everyone is impatient to see the Thursday night announcement of the next workout. Plus, there is always friendly competition amongst friends.


3.     You get to be a part of the worldwide CrossFit community. During the Open, CrossFitters from every nation and continent are all performing the same workouts. During the Open you realize that although you workout at CrossFit 103, there is a worldwide community of more than 13,000 CrossFit affiliates where people are persevering through the same workouts as you. Let’s face it, CrossFit offers us fitness, but also community. Unlike a traditional gym, we are here for each other to cheer one another on and celebrate our successes together.  

So, at only $20, there really is no reason not to sign up for the Open. Registration starts Thursday, January 12, and the first workout, 17.1, will be announced on February 23. Sign up and participate!  

At CrossFit 103 we will use the Open to celebrate our local community, as well as the CrossFit community as a whole, and we will have fun throughout the five weeks. If you are not yet signed up for CrossFit, there is still time to join us at CrossFit 103, go through Foundations, and participate in this year’s Open.

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