Big Announcement

✳️🚨Major Announcement🚨✳️🚨Please Read🚨✳️

From time to time businesses re-brand in order to better tell their story of who they are and to better express their values.

We are happy to announce that we are beginning the process of re-branding our gym to “Island Total Fitness.” 💪🏽

✅Why "Island Total Fitness?"

Because that name tells our story best. We strive to be a one-stop shop for all your health, wellness, and fitness needs.

The overwhelming success of our Core Conditioning class demonstrated a long time ago that you want variety.

We are the only gym of our kind in our borough with dedicated Open Gym space, and this has always been very popular.

The gymnastics seminar the other night reinforced that you want variety. We want to give you what you want.

We feel that simply calling ourselves CrossFit 103 doesn’t tell the whole story of what goes on inside our walls.

The fact is we aren’t limited by labels or by conventional wisdom. We will always strive to be innovative and willing to try new things to help YOU achieve your goals. We want our name to reflect this.

One of the definitions of “Total” is “complete, absolute.” That’s what we want to be and believe we can be for your fitness. While this will be an ongoing process, at the end of it we believe you will have a gym where you will be able to get whatever you need in the fitness realm. We refuse to be limited in any way.

✅Are we still a CrossFit affiliate?

An emphatic YES.

CrossFit has always been and will always be our core offering. It's our identity and who we are.

Constantly varied functional movements at high intensity will always be at the center of what we do because it works. It is simple and elegant and effective.

All the programs we build will complement our CrossFit offering and improve your lives in some way.

Want to do the Open? So do we. We will continue to do the Open and celebrate all our accomplishments.

Many of the changes you will not even notice, besides some new branding in the building.

The majority of our class offerings will remain traditional CrossFit classes, and we will remain CrossFit 103 within Island Total Fitness. CrossFit 103 is and will remain our official affiliate name.

✅Will we make changes to the schedule?

Yes, in time, for the better!

Our goal is to listen to your feedback and add programs and classes to the schedule and roll those out in a logical and orderly way.

For example, we think it’s clear that people want dedicated gymnastics instruction and classes. Adding that to our schedule will likely be the first change you will see.

We are only limited by our imagination and what you want!

Your coaches have already been thinking, imagining, and dreaming about what we can bring to you.

This is an exciting time for all of us.

✅What’s Next?

We are working hard behind the scenes to make the changes that have to be made. For now, you won’t notice much besides the addition of seminars or classes. CrossFit classes will stay the same.

We will be introducing a new logo, new website link, changes to the website, as well as changes to our social media accounts to reflect Island Total Fitness.

In fact, just today we started our Benchmark Series on Thursdays to help you track your progress.

We’ve also rolled out our new loyalty rewards program, that we hope everyone participates in.

👀Keep an eye out for additional announcements.

As a staff we are super excited about the future, and thankful to be starting this process. 🙏🏽



Summer is here and vacations are in full swing. We hope everyone is keeping up their fitness, even while on vacation. If you can’t find a gym, or if the hotel gym is pathetic there is still so much you can do! Go for a run. Do Cindy and just substitute sit-ups for the pull-ups. Anything is better than nothing. If you need help coming up with a vacation plan, see one of your coaches for help.  

beach workout.jpg



A friendly reminder again that the only official form of communication for any and all membership-related inquiries is by emailing Marisol will answer all inquiries sent there. 


Here are some of the things you may have been a part of, or missed, over the past 30 days:

→ Coach Crizzy participated in the “Belmar Beatdown” competition on the beach and excelled as usual! 


→ Remember that we are partnering with the meal prep company, Eat Clean Bro. Get  healthy macro friendly meals delivered straight to your house and 10% off using the link: 

eat clean bro.jpg


→ Our CrossFit Kids program started under the care of Coach Jess. Our kids love it! Stay tuned for information about the full Fall semester.  


→ Shannon, Tommy, and Jess have joined our team of all-star coaches. By now, you’ve probably all taken one of their classes. 

→ Vinny C. and Gary G. have begun coaching internships. 



→ Coach Matt left for Madison, WI to judge at the CrossFit Games for the first time.  


→ We now have Kill Cliff Ignite Pre-Workout available for sale. It’s a specialized blend of caffeine, B vitamins and electrolytes that support hydration and energy. They taste delicious too.



→ A quick reminder about parking. Feel free to park anywhere in our lot, except DO NOT BLOCK the garage doors of our two neighbors. They will tow vehicles blocking their front door. We want to be good neighbors, and not block their access to their units. Also, you may park along the side of our building, but across our street is private property, and you risk being towed if you park there. Finally, please do not park in the middle of our parking lot and block other vehicles in.  Thanks!

→ We now have a self service Keurig set up by the front door. We will supply coffee pods, cups, straws, lids, sugar & milk. A cup of Joe is only $1 to pay for supplies. If you have your own fancy creamer, feel free to bring it in and put it in the fridge. 

PS - We will clean the area up soon to make it look all pretty and stuff. 


→ We hope everyone has enjoyed “Burpee” July. Each day we have performed some style of burpee to coincide with the day. 



August will be full of fun events. 

Sunday Aug 5th - Crossfit Games Watch Party
Come hang out, workout, and see who is crowned the Fittest Man & Woman in the World 2018.


Sunday Aug 12th - August Charity of the Month Fundraiser and WOD benefiting the NY Bully Crew. 
CrossFit and pups go hand in hand just check instagram😀…


Sunday Aug 19th - CrossFit Carnival for the Kids of 103. 
Here's your chance to workout with your Kids. Bring your kids (all ages welcome) in for a day of fitness and fun. After an awesome workout with their parents, the kids will get to enjoy games, activities, an obstacle course relay race, snacks, and prizes. Make sure you guys save the date!


Stay tuned for more information about all these special events! 

→ Do you love our community? If so, tell your friends and family about us. We love referrals. Don’t be shy about bringing them to one of our events. 


July’s PR’s & FIRSTS

Ralph R: 300# Front Squat
Marisa: 200# Deadlift
Chris G: 190# Squat Clean
Tracy M: 185# Back Squat
Jayson G: First kipping and butterfly pull-ups, and first time doing box jump overs
Coach Gil: 240# Power Clean
Melissa Gee: 160# Back Squat
Eric H: 235# Sumo Deadlift, 105# Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, first 2 double unders
Lana G: First 3 kipping pullups
Thomas B: 305# Sumo Deadlift
Gary G: 245# Bench Press, 285# Back Squat, 190# Push Press
Anthony S: 200# Split Jerk
Coach Tommy: 275# Back Squat, 185# Squat Clean, 175# Push Jerk
Melissa S: 165# Back Squat, 90# Squat Clean
Lauren: 75# Thruster, first Toe to Bar
Linda K: Participated in first mud run -- Half Mudder in Long Island
Coach Chris: 315# Split Jerk, 315# Squat Clean, 460# Back Squat, 225# Strict Press, 1200# CrossFit Total
Devan: First unassisted handstand against the wall
Michael A: First pullup in a long time
Lorrie: 195# Deadlift
Coach Shannon: 175# Squat Clean
Nicole L: 115# Deadlift
Tony M: 305# Deadlift 3 Rep Max, 135 High Hang Power Clean, 135 Power Snatch

Sevasti: Down to a 10 minute mile

Irene L: 205# Deadlift

Eric H: 265# Deadlift

Estefania: 215# Deadlift
Maria: 240# Deadlift


All this happened in just one month! Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for being part of our community! 
~ The Elite Functional Fitness Fam

Crossfit 103 July Newsletter



The hot weather finally moved in; the gates are now up every day; and the vibe in the gym has been amazing.  


Let’s all be thankful for our “Big Ass Fan,” that does yeoman’s work cooling us down every day.

Hot Sun weather.jpg


A reminder to stay consistent during these dog days of summer. When you miss a week it often turns into two weeks, and then three. If you are going on vacation, find a local CrossFit affiliate and drop in. It’s always fun dropping in at a new gym. Just find the gym closest to your vacation spot and email them prior to coming. Sometimes your first drop in will be free, and at some gyms they will charge you a minimal amount, like $20.


A friendly reminder that the only official form of communication for any and all membership-related inquiries is by emailing Marisol will answer all inquiries sent there. She doesn’t bite.





Here are some of the things you may have been a part of, or missed, over the past 30 days:


Coach Gil participated in his second bodybuilding competition, taking home the following honors at the NPC South Jersey Championships:

o  3rd in Open Class

o  4th in Master’s 40+

o  5th in Master’s 35+  

Gil with Teresa from Housewives of NJ.

Gil with Teresa from Housewives of NJ.


Coach Matt has fulfilled a long time dream and successfully summited Mt. Rainier in Washington State. At 14,410 feet and heavily glaciated, Rainier is an iconic active volcano in the Pacific Northwest. Great work!



Matt also received a coveted invitation to become a judge at the CrossFit Games later this month in Madison, Wisconsin.



Congrats to all our members who participated in the Bonefrog Challenge. Designed by Navy Seals, the Bonefrog is a difficult Obstacle Course Race.

IMG_1016 2.JPG


→ Eat Clean Bro visited the gym and gave out free samples of their meals. Get healthy macro friendly meals delivered straight to your house and 10% off using the link:

eat clean bro.jpg


→ Many members spent much of June challenging themselves by participating in the Granite Games, an online CrossFit Open style competition.


→ Chris, Gil, and Sal went on a trip to Austin, Texas for a gym owners conference and Mastermind event. While there, they were publicly recognized (and awarded a sword) in recognition of our gym’s growth over the past year.



→ Gary Glassman joined our team as a new salesperson. When you see Gary, say congratulations.



→ Congratulations to Jaclyn R whose hard work paid off after she was selected for appointment to the NYPD.





CrossFit 103 is happy to announce our brand new CrossFit Kids program. You've been asking for it, and it's finally here!

103 kids.png


The initial summer kick-off program will run for 6 weeks, beginning next Sunday, July 8th 2018, through the week of August 15th 2018. 💥

The schedule and pricing will be as follows:

✅ Ages 3-5 will meet once a week on Sundays at 11:00am. There are 6 spots available for $99.

✅ Ages 6-12 will meet twice a week on

Wednesdays at 4:30 pm and Sundays at 10:00am. There are 12 spots available for $179.

✅ Ages 13+ will meet 3-4x/week on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays at 6:30 pm and on Saturdays at 10:00am. Spots are available for $229. Please note, this age group will meet during regular CrossFit classes and will break away with their coach(s) during class for their own programming.

➡️Registration will be first-come, first served. Please email us at with your child's name and age to reserve a spot. Billing will be done upon registration to cover the entire six-week program.

We will report back as classes are filled.



→ On July Fourth we will be open for two special classes -- at 9am and at 10:30am -- with a special Independence Day workout. Don’t miss it!



→ We added a new cable machine in the Open Gym side for those looking for some accessory work. Take advantage of it!



→ Do you love our community? If so, tell your friends and family about us. We love referrals.  



→ Vinny Cisternino will begin a coaching internship with us. You will see him observing for the next month or so. Say hi!



June’s PR’s & FIRSTS

Linda K: 95# bench press, and very close to her first Toe to Bar!

Eric H: 125# bench press

Ken S: 170# bench press

Jess M: 110# bench press, 3 pullups!

Tommy M: 225# bench press

Andrea: First legless rope climbs

Chris G: 410# Deadlift

Sevasti: First RX workout!

Gerri: 105# bench press

Anthony S: 180# Strict Press, 230# Front Squat, 205# Push Press, 300# Deadlift, 150# Power Snatch, First Peg Board ascent

Teresa D: 85# Bench Press, 95# Push Press

Lou A: First Bar Muscle Ups, 325# Front Squats, 235# Push Press, First legless rope climbs

Peter D: 300# Bench Press, 240# Front Squat, 405# Deadlift

Coach Chris: 320# Bench Press, 250# Overhead Squat, 315# Split Jerk, 215 Strict Press, 255# Push Press, 235# snatch

Gary G: 240# Bench Press, 275# Back Squat, 235# Front Squat, 385# Deadlift

     Erin: First pull-up(s)!! 

     Barbie F: 95# Bench Press, 195# Back Squat



All this happened in just one month! Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for being part of our community!

~ The Elite Functional Fitness Fam





CrossFit 103 June Newsletter



We are all excited that summer is almost here. Let’s all be careful, though. Summer is the easiest time to fall off our fitness routine. We’ve seen it happen so many times. Don’t let it happen to you! Make it a priority to get in the gym as often as possible, especially during the summer months when barbecues and vacations occupy so much of our time.  


Crossfit shaking hands .jpg

May was a memorable month for our community, which continues to grow. Let’s all make it our mission to introduce ourselves to one person we don’t already know each time we are in the gym. 


May Recap


Here are some of the things you may have been a part of, or missed, over the past 31 days:

→ Coach Gil’s hard work paid off when he crushed it at his first bodybuilding competition, taking home the following honors:

o   Men’s Physique Open 5th Overall

o   True Novice 2nd overall

o   Novice 1st in Class

o   Masters 35+ 1st

o   Masters 40+ 1st


This includes two National Qualifications for two chances to compete for an IFBB Pro Card in June!


→ Coach Matt was once again a judge at the East Regional in Albany the weekend of May 18-20. Matt made headlines with a famous “no-rep” of Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault at the end of Event 3, thereby making enemies with millions of Canadians. 



→ Gary and Brianne participated in their first CrossFit competition, Barbells and Beers, at CrossFit 908. Great job! We are proud of you for going from challengers to competitors.




→ Congrats to Cesare L. who ran the Brooklyn Half in the pouring rain and improved his time by 22 MINUTES!!!




→ We had an amazing day at our Murph Barbecue and workout! Thank you to the 200+ members and family who came out. Congratulations to all who worked their butts off on one of the hardest workouts of the year.  The workout is definitely hard, but nowhere near as hard as what our fallen soldiers experienced. Thank you to Marisa for taking the wonderful pictures from the day! We look forward to making this bigger and better every year. If you did not come this year, don't plan anything for the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend next year! Save the Date!



→ We formed a partnership with Condition One to stock their delicious and nutritious Meal Replacement Bars. They are so popular that the first batch sold out within days. We are eagerly awaiting our next delivery.  


Condition One.JPG


→ We formed a new partnership with the meal prep company Eat Clean Bro. Get healthy macro friendly meals delivered straight to your house and 10% off using the link:

→ Congrats to Coach Cristina and to Allie on their College graduations


→  We said farewell to Coach Sam, who moved out of state to pursue exciting new opportunities. We are very sad to sad to see Sam leave but happy for her. She will be missed. She was a big part of our community.


Sam Russo.JPG


A Look Ahead To June


→ Many members are running in the Bonefrog Challenge on June 16. There is still time to register and get in on the fun!  Register here:     Use Code NEWJERSEY25 for 25% off. Last year we had over 30 members participate and over a 90% survival rate. =)



→ The Granite Games begins the Week of June 13. Think of it like the CrossFit Open. Workouts will be released, and we will have to do them during any Open Gym time and submit our scores. There will be RX and scaled versions. It’s $25 register. You can register here: Fun times will be had by all.

→ Joe P. is hosting a pool party for our community in his backyard on Saturday, June 23. Joe promises a day of fun in his backyard.


May’s PR’s & FIRSTS

Gary G: 235# Front Squat; 135# hang snatch

Ken S: 185# Front Squat

Kellie Ann G: 105# Front Squat; 26 second improvement on mile run

Lauren R: 125# Front Squat; 145# Back Squat

Greg G: Double under

Gaetano D: 215# Front Squat

Matt R: 210# Front Squat

Peter O: 255# Front Squat; 280# Back Squat

Tracy M: 150# Front Squat

Alexis M: 105# Front Squat

Mike A: 240# Front Squat

Jess M: 165# Front Squat; 85# hang snatch

Brianne B: 170# Back Squat; double unders; 90# hang snatch

Erin L: 130# Back Squat; 75# hang snatch

Allie C: 145# Front Squats; kipping pullups

Devan L: 200# Back Squat; 80# hang snatch

Melissa M: 130# Front Squat; 60# hang snatch

Dina C: 115# Front Squat

Raj G: 160# Front Squat

Eric H: 155# Front Squat; 185# Deadlift

Chris G: 385# Deadlift; 245# Front Squat; 135# Overhead Squat

Gerri: 105# Front Squat

Barbie F: 170# Front Squat; 80# hang snatch

Melissa S: 135# Front Squat

Alyssa: 145# Front Squat; 105# hang snatch

Estefania: 145# Back Squat; 140# Front Squat; double unders

Chris R: CrossFit 103 Baseline workout 5 rounds 10 reps to 8 rounds 25 reps in only 4 weeks!

Irene: 125# Front Squat

Beti: 120# Front Squats

Chris C: Strict pullups and kipping HSPU; 100# hang snatch

Bailey: 210# Front Squat; 165# Power Clean

Ralph G: 210# Front Squat

Maria: 170# Front Squat

Thomas B: 235# Front Squat; 190 Power Clean double

Mike A: First Rx workout

Linda: 175# Front Squat

Coach Sal: 24 unbroken chest to bar pullups

Joe Portobello: 275# Front Squat; 145# hang snatch

Jo D: 110# Front Squat

Joe Piesco: 285# Back Squat; 150# hang snatch

Andrew G: 205# Front Squat  

Kevin S: 27 unbroken double unders; 205# Front Squat; Butterfly Pullup

Andrea: 10 touch and go power cleans at 70#; 5 unbroken kipping pullups; 80# hang snatch

Jess: Double unders in a wod

Rosemarie: First 50 box jumps

Erin: 100# Power Clean

Marchelo: First bar muscle up

Coach Chris: 200# hang snatch

Coach Matt: 200# hang snatch

Matt B: 200# hang snatch

Teresa: 60# hang snatch

Tony M: 125# hang snatch

Eric H: 90# hang snatch

Victoria M: 120# hang snatch

Ehsan: 95# hang snatch

Melissa: 60# hang snatch

Jon D: 145# hang snatch

Gaetano: 95# hang snatch

Mark A: 95# hang snatch

Linda K: 70# hang snatch

Gratuitous Dmitry Klokov image

Gratuitous Dmitry Klokov image


All this happened in just one month! Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for being part of our community!

~ The Elite Functional Fitness Fam



CrossFit 103 May Newsletter



Before we start the April recap, we would first like to apologize that we have not sent out a newsletter the last few months. We’ve been working so hard to do all we can to improve our gym, and our newsletter production has fallen off.  We won’t let that happen again. Going forward, expect a newsletter each month.


Also, before we talk about April, we want to invite you to our annual “Memorial Day Murph” event at the gym.  This will be held on Saturday, May 26 (the Saturday before Memorial Day) with heats starting at 9am. Those who were there last year, know that this is our biggest party of the year – it includes food, drinks, laughs, high fives, and the workout “Murph” in honor of all our fallen soldiers.


Family and friends are encouraged to attend.  Don’t let the workout scare you. Like everything else, it is fully scaleable. And, if you really don’t want to do the workout, join us anyway and eat and drink and hang out.


To learn more about Lt. Michael Murphy, a Navy Seal, Long Island resident, and posthumous Medal of Honor recipient, read this reflection Coach Chris wrote last year:




Now, to our April recap. During most of the month we impatiently waited for the real start of spring. It seems as if it is finally (!) here. Please get used to the garage doors being up, the fan to run at a higher setting, more shirts coming off during workouts, and good vibes!

spring vibes.jpg




Here are some of the things you may have been a part of, or missed, over the past 30 days:


  • Our Eight Week Nutrition Challenge group has been in full swing. Thirty CF103 members are taking part in this body recomposition challenge that includes Fit3D scans, custom and individualized macros, including adjustments, custom accessory work in the gym, an accountability group, and much more. Participants are seeing some amazing physical transformations, as well as learning new ways to look at food.  Want to participate in the next one? Please see Gil, Sal, or Chris for more details. Don’t miss out!

fitter faster stronger.jpeg


  • We held our annual fundraiser to support the SSG Michael Ollis Freedom Foundation on April 14. Thanks to our amazing members we raised more than $1,600 for the Foundation, which was formed to honor an American and Staten Island hero. On Sunday, June 10th, the Ollis Foundation will be hosting a 5k near New Dorp Lane. Last year we had over 20 members run, some were carrying flags and/or wearing weighted vests. We will post on the Announcement Board.



  • Our gym had the honor of hosting the two-day CrossFit Gymnastics seminar. About 35 coaches, owners, and athletes from various states came to learn more about how to better teach the various gymnastics movements. The following coaches/members from our gym participated: Coach Sal, Coach Chris, Coach Crizzy, Bailey G., Tommy M., and Sam Russo.




  • Shannon, Matt Blomquist, and Tommy M. have begun coaching internships. Our newly instituted internship process is a multi-faceted and multi-month process of evaluating and teaching potential new coaches. If you are interested in learning more about the process, please see Sal, Chris, or Gil.  


  • Another six-week challenge class started this month, and this will be out last six-week challenge in its current form. We are almost at capacity and will pretty much be taking referrals only for a while. Wish these athletes well and encourage them when they join regular classes in a couple of weeks.

no vacancy.jpg


  • We thank everyone for taking the time to fill out our annual member survey. We value your opinions, and are analyzing the responses to determine how we can implement some of the suggestions. Please stay tuned.

survey says.jpg


  • The first suggestion that we implemented while the survey was still being filled out was the addition of a second morning core class on Tuesdays and Fridays. Based on the attendance numbers, it was certainly needed. AM core classes are now at 8:30am and 9:45am.



  • The High Rock Challenge happened on Saturday, April 28. Congrats to the the following CrossFit 103 members who used their fitness and ran in this challenging obstacle race:

Brittany M., Amanda G., Joe P., Mike M., Jess M., Brianne B., Andrea S.



  • Coach Cristina qualified for the weightlifting American Open after a solid performance on Saturday, April 28. The American Open will be held in Pennsylvania in late July.

cristina weightlifting .jpg




As stated above, Memorial Day Murph is Saturday, May 26.  Please join us for the biggest, most fun party of the year.

Some pics from last years Murph

Some pics from last years Murph


  • Regionals are coming up, and Coach Matt will again be a judge at the East Regionals in Albany the weekend of May 18-20. Watch them live on and I’m sure we will see Matt yelling “no rep” at someone.

matt regionals .jpg




Jon D’Ambrosio: First Ring Muscle Up

Shannon: First Ring Muscle Up, Ring dips, 265# Deadlift, 190# Power Clean, 150# Push Jerk

Allie: First Toe to Bar, 185 pound Deadlift, 100 pound power clean

Peter O: 205# Squat Clean, 335# Deadlift, 250# Back Squat, 195# Power Clean

Mike McGinn: 105# Power Clean

Lauren: 175# Deadlift, 100# Hang Power Clean, 100# Front Squat, 85# Push Jerk

Erin: 210# Deadlift

Mike A: 375# Deadlift

Andrea: 235# DL, 170# back squat, 115# power clean, kipping HSPUs

Tracy: 95# Push Press, 190# DL,120# Front squat, 95# Power clean

Geri: 215# Deadlift

Thomas Brady: 365 Deadlift, Kipping Toes to Bar

Brianne: 225# DL, 165# Back Squat

Gil: 214 in Lynne

Gary: 315# DL, 265# back squat

Paul D.: 2:59 Isabel

Raj: 255# Deadlift

Ken: 315# deadlift 135# power clean

Linda: 245# DL

Teresa: 200# DL

Lior: 205# Deadlift

Barbie: 215# Deadlift, 175# Back Squat

Chris G. 355# Deadlift, Handstand Pushups

Melissa M: 185 # DL 140#  Back Squat, Kipping Toes to Bar

Giuliana: 140# back squat, 185# DL, 100# front squat

Gaetano: 335# Deadlift

Chris D: 525# Deadlift


All this happened in just one month! Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for being part of our community! 

~ The Elite Functional Fitness Fam

My CrossFit Gymnastics Experience...

By: Coach Chris

Last weekend I had the fortune of spending the weekend in the CrossFit Gymnastics seminar, which our gym hosted. 


I’ll admit that I was actually dreading the weekend, simply because I know how long and exhausting these two-day seminars are. Those 9-5 long days of learning new information and applying it are tiring, both mentally and physically. 


Now that the seminar is over, I am happy I had this opportunity. Here are the top three things the seminar reminded me about.

First, It reminded me of how big the CrossFit community actually is.  As a CrossFit coach and owner it is easy to get myopic and only notice what is going on in your home gym. After all, that is rightfully my primary focus and where I spend most of my time. At seminars you have the opportunity to meet, work with, and speak with owners and coaches from affiliates in other areas. Of course, you end up talking shop with them and learning from them. It is a good reminder that CrossFit is a worldwide phenomenon made up of a diverse group of affiliates, all changing peoples’ lives. 


Second, It reminded me of the value CrossFit places on proper movement and mechanics. Those whose only exposure to CrossFit are the ubiquitous “CrossFit Fail” videos on social media have no idea of the thought that goes into teaching, demonstrating, and coaching proper movement. Anyone who has experienced a CrossFit Level 1 seminar or any specialty seminar knows this well (I almost choked myself unconscious with a PVC pipe at my Level 1 while learning proper front squat mechanics!). CrossFit as a methodology is obsessed with proper movement, and how to best teach and communicate it to all those who train in its affiliates.


Third, Continuing education is so important for any CrossFit coach. Much like a lawyer has to attend Continuing Legal Education courses to stay current on the latest legal issues, good CrossFit coaches must spend their time constantly learning and honing their craft. I spent the weekend learning how to move better, but more importantly how to teach those I coach to move better. Those who think they know it all and refuse to open their minds to new ways of looking at things are simply refusing to grow as a coach.

Last weekend was a resounding success. I got to speak with and learn from other affiliate owners from various states. I had the chance to learn better gymnastic movement, and more importantly how to teach it. I also advanced my education, which will help the CrossFit 103 members I am fortunate to coach. In addition, while my hands are sore from all the practice we did hanging from bars and hanging from rings during the weekend, they somehow did not rip! That is a definite win.

As a gym, we believe our coaches must constantly continue learning so they become better teachers, and striving every day to improve their ability to help our members move better and become fitter and healthier.

The Open is Over... Now What?

By Coach Chris


The Buddhist spiritual teacher Jack Kornfield wrote a book called: “After the Ecstasy; the Laundry.”

I’ve always meant to read it, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. 

He uses the term “ecstasy” in the title, but it may as well have been “enlightenment,” which is a goal of Buddhism.

What does Buddhism have to do with CrossFit?  While I believe a lot, I’m not writing about Buddhism, but simply using the title of this book to illustrate a point that I believe is important.

Buddhists might view enlightenment as the goal of their practice, but what happens when they achieve it? They still have to experience daily life and do the proverbial (and literal) laundry, day in and day out. 

dirty laundry.jpg

The CrossFit Open can be viewed as the high point of the CrossFit year. The whole gym is engaged and fired up.  We cheer each other on. We meet each other at the gym during all hours to workout together and judge each other.  We work on new skills.  This is the "ecstasy."



But, what happens next? We must still do the laundry, which is another way of saying we must keep putting in the hard, often tedious work in the gym every day.  The Open is 5 weeks long, but we must still do the laundry the remaining 47 weeks of the year. 

So, now what? Here are a few suggestions: 

1.     Continue working hard. Commit to coming to the gym at least 4 times a week. Put in the work. It may not be as much fun as entering your score in a worldwide leaderboard, but the day in and day out work is what truly makes us better and fitter.


2.     If you found new workout partners during the Open, continue working out together. Many of us enjoy CrossFit because we enjoy the camaraderie we experience when we work together.


3.     Work on your weaknesses. ALL of us had weaknesses exposed these past five weeks. Turn those weaknesses intro strengths during the 2019 Open. 


More than one hundred CrossFit 103 members participated in the Open. I hope you all had fun and stepped out of your comfort zones. I know I did.   

clean laundry.jpg

But, the Open is over now. None of us are going to Regionals.  Now, it’s time to do the proverbial laundry. Let’s stay motivated and get back to work and continue making improvements. 


crossfit quote.jpg

5 Things to Do Between Now and The Start of The Open

(pay particular attention to #2 and #4!)



By Coach Chris


In a little more than a month, Dave Castro will end the suspense, which he will undoubtedly spend weeks ratcheting up, and announce 18.1. This will mark the beginning of the 2018 Open season. We’ve all been waiting for it since the moment the suffering of 17.5 mercifully ended (remember those thrusters and double unders? I certainly do!).



Open season is the highlight of any CrossFit gym’s year -- the camaraderie, the friendly competition, the support shown are all at a fever pitch. If you haven’t experienced it yet, just wait.  


You might think that you aren’t ready.  I’m here to tell you that you are wrong. You are ready, and if you follow my 5 suggestions below you will be even more ready to tackle this challenge.  


1. Be more consistent.

The Open is generally a test of aerobic capacity, so now is the time to be more consistent with your attendance. You still have time to build your engine, but you need to get into the gym to build it. There’s nothing worse than staring at the clock during a WOD unable to breathe, knowing that you could have done more to prepare. I’ve been there too many times to admit.

Coach Sal wishing he trained a little harder for WOD 2 =P

Coach Sal wishing he trained a little harder for WOD 2 =P


2. Learn a new skill.

This isn’t rocket science. Although Dave Castro likes to throw in new movements (hello dumbbells!) many of the movements we will see in the Open have been seen many times before. Don’t have double unders? Now is a good time to get them. Have a problem with thrusters? Practice them. Every previous Open workout is online. Look them up and notice the patterns of movements and choose a new skill to learn betwee now and February 22. We have plenty of Open Gym opportunities to practice and practice some more. Do it. It will pay dividends.  

A few of the many things you may, or may not, be doing this year.

A few of the many things you may, or may not, be doing this year.


3. Practice previous Open workouts.

From now until February 22 we will program an Open workout once a week, usually on Sundays. Don’t miss these classes! The best way to become better at something is to practice it.  Get used to the “Open style” workouts by experiencing classes with Open workouts.

Coach Cristina on her final minute of last years 17.1 workout with everyone in the gym cheering her on.

Coach Cristina on her final minute of last years 17.1 workout with everyone in the gym cheering her on.


4. Find a workout buddy.

Not only can you practice with your workout buddy, but this person can also be a source of inspiration during your Open workouts. Each person registered for the Open is judged during each workout by another member. Your judge is there to count your reps, but also to cheer you on and coach you through it. Find someone you click with, and make a plan to cheer each other on and help each other.  

No matter how hard they compete against each other, Sal & Chris are each others biggest cheerleaders.

No matter how hard they compete against each other, Sal & Chris are each others biggest cheerleaders.


5. Have fun!

I know every time I step in the gym I have fun. Use the time between now and the Open to be even more thankful that you have your health and that you are able to perform this kind of physical work. Don’t take it too seriously; just come into the gym each day with the plan to enjoy yourself during that hour.  

The Final Thursday Night Throwdown of last years Open.   

The Final Thursday Night Throwdown of last years Open.



I can’t wait for the 5 weeks of the Open. I’ll admit, I do get stressed during it. I get caught up in “Leaderboarding,” constantly analyzing the gym’s Leaderboard to determine where I stand and how I can beat Coach Matt or Coach Sal. But, it’s a heady thing to think that during the Open I am “competing” against the absolute best in the world at competitive exercising.  Embrace it. Have fun. Come on Thursday nights during the Open to watch the live announcements. Cheer on others. Take the time to help with judging.  Accept the fact that none of us are going to win the CrossFit Games this year, but use the Open to do things you never thought you could.

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