New to FUNCTIONAL FITNESS? Heard some buzz? Here's the scoop.

In a nutshell, Functional Fitness is constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity.

Why constantly varied?

Routine is the enemy for mind and body. Not only do routine workouts become boring, but your body also quickly adapts to your routine and stops progressing.

What are functional movements?

Functional movements are compound, efficient movements which maximize work capacity while utilizing various muscle groups simultaneously to complete a task. You perform functional movements daily throughout your life.

Why high intensity?

If you train to become proficient in functional movements at high intensity, you will make tremendous gains in all aspects of fitness and performing such movements at low intensity throughout your day will become second nature.

Is Functional fitness for everyone?

Absolutely! Functional Fitness is scaleable to all fitness levels, ages, genders, sizes, experience, disabilities, etc.

Our coaches have a sincere and deep passion for changing and improving the lives of all members of our community. All we ask is that you make a commitment to show up and put forth a genuine effort and leave the rest to us.